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bygoldfigure, January 24, 2011
Admin Tools
As a long time Akeeba backup fan I can't believe I didn't find this before now.

Well done on a great tool. So many useful utilities, especially the Joomla update and fix permissions options.
bygoldfigure, April 13, 2010
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Dummy Text
It's really useful being able to create a swathe of text quickly.

It would be the perfect extension if I were able to specify how many words should be in a paragraph, e.g. {*dummytext p:1,15*} (without *'s) to be a single paragraph of 15 words.
Dummy Image
Been using the dummy image plugin to put mock content into a new website I've been working on this week. Very simple to configure and use... it's been invaluable so far.

Wishlist: being able to specify a value for the align tag of the resulting image (e.g. right, absmiddle, etc).
Content Templater
Have been using this to aid content authoring on a new hotel website we're working on.

It's worth spending 10 minutes rooting around in the config for a template (for instance - limit it to just a single category, default new documents in that category to pick up the template, etc).

It's very simple to use, does just what it says on the tin.
bygoldfigure, January 22, 2010
This is a fantastic component with the best looking front end, easy to use (although quite Americanized) back end.

The few bugs noticed have been picked up and repaired really quickly. Very responsive authors and they have been receptive to suggestions for change.
Google Maps by Reumer
I have been using [MosMap] for a while and had no issues. For some reason akJoomGallery (using JQuery) caused a MooTools conflict and the Google maps stopped working on GoldFigure.

I had a great response from Mike and with thanks to the magic words it's all fixed.


Mike is now at the top of my donation list. I give 50% of any donation I get for Joomla extensions on to another developer... help me, help Mike. :)