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bygoldored, September 2, 2011
Works like a charm, nothing to say about it really.
Except don't forget to look for the latest release.
1.8 fixes a conflict with sh404sef.
great support from the forum.
good job
bygoldored, September 2, 2011
I bought SH404sef mainly because I'm unable to add h1 tags whatever file I manipulate it just doesn't work and god knows how important h1 tags are for good seo.
So it works great but it really depends on your template. But don't worry cause jimie is providing great support at the forum.

It may also get into conflict with other components (like it did with Jcrawler for me), but then again jimie is here to help.

So I gave this component a 5 star because it has great possibilities, works well and there's always someone to help, which is certainly the most valuable thing nowadays.
bygoldored, August 12, 2011
Very nice extension, saves you a lot of a time.
I have a small problem with the description not showing properly but I'll try to get some support.
Otherwise it's clean and neat.
bygoldored, December 23, 2010
I just installed and uninstalled the component.
Which is quite a shame because it looks like it's doing what I need.

I say looks like because :

-melting free version with commercial version in the JED & in the website does not allow us to see clearly what is provided or not, therefor you have to install the component to see what is provided or not.
This is something the JED should also work on, as it's not the first time it happens and it already misinformed me very badly.

-as there is not documentation available so far, you have to install it, whatever it takes for your website.

And this is why I uninstalled it : it just decided, that by installing it it had to rewrite all my urls, even though I did not click on anything.

Usually when you a install a component you then need to activate it. Joomsef is activated by default and rewrites all your urls the way it decided to.
And even after being deactivated, my urls were still changed ! I had to remove it completely.

For people not having any SEF already activated or with a bad ranking, this is great. Just install it, it does the rest.

For people with already a good ranking who just wish to change some parameters, wait until there is some documentation.
Otherwise you'll find yourself with a lot of 404 ; and as this component offers a lot of parameters, unless your already familiar with it, there is probably no chance for you to fix them. Bye Bye good ranking.

I got lucky, because first thing I do when installing something is check my website and look for changes.
Owner's reply

you say there is no documentation? Did you visit our site at all?
Btw. there is link from the component homepage as well as here from JED.
Also it might be good idea to check

As regards immediate activation after install, that is right. This is to make the setup as easy as possible for inexperienced users. The other can switch it off after install, update configuration and then activate again.

Finally, there is no way how the URLs would remain when deactivated. (if you used the SEO options in Joomla Global configuration)

Sorry to say that, but it seems to me, you took more effort to write this review than to really try to learn more about component and read the documentation.

bygoldored, June 4, 2010
Zaragoza Slides
works like a charm just plug and play
bygoldored, May 23, 2010
Modules Anywhere
This module is very useful for those who, for instance, wishes to display a specific module in their articles with some very poor knowledge of php.
you can imagine millions of way to rearrange your site and make it different from other joomla sites.
It's definitely a must have.

But what makes the difference with other extensions, is Peter.
I had the chance to find him available when I encountered a problem with the new release and he fixed it very quickly.

Something that would be nice (for a next release maybe ?), would be to be able to automatically insert a specific module on a specific place.

Nevertheless, it's still a must have to me.