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bygoldrang, July 26, 2010
Revolver Maps
At First i thought this was going to be the same as every other basic noob application you find on here nowa days, with the exception of the Talented Few.

I Installed this on both my sites, and would gladly say i would pay for this module, and i have NEVER SAID THIS ABOUT ANY OTHER MODULE ON THIS SITE.

not only did i Get a REAL TIME RESPONSE From the Developer, but he also gave me his personal Skype, for one on one Tech Support.

over the years i have tried and tested a LOT of Joomla Ext's and would give this a 5 Star Rating.

Very Original, and Refreshing.
***** Star Rating

Personal Recommended Retail Price
£4.99 Per month

Reason For added Price.

I think the Developer Deserves the Credit for his hard work, i have seen many people looking for this type of EXT and they simply cant find one. Not only this but the Quality of this Product is Flawless. Low Lag, Easy Customizable, User Friendly, Simple Install,

The Quality of the Work is Shown in this Product.

Peter Spiteri