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bygoodygoody, February 26, 2013
Facebook Like Button
At last a Facebook Like extension which is easy to use for a non-techie like myself. All this installing apps etc. I just couldn't believe that it wasn't much simpler and it IS! Thank you, thank you!
Owner's reply

It is great to hear! Thanks for the 5 stars.

bygoodygoody, September 23, 2010
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
The installation process was quick and neat although asa non-techie user I was a bit confused by where to put the Google Analytics ID. There being only one field I had no choice. It then took Google a while (10 mins or so) to actually pick up the fact that I had installed it and whether that is Google taking its time or the code taking time to replicate across the site I don't know. Either way, it does what it says on the tin. I tried JoomlaGAtor and I still don't know what it was supposed to do although I thought it was supposed to do what this clearly and simply does. Thanks again.