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bygoslingcools, September 28, 2013
BT Social Sharing
This is the SOCIAL SHARING plugin I was looking for!

SHARES Blog items & Articles as it should. Grabs the correct Link, Title, Description and Image.

And also shares more stuff like K2 items.

Many other extensions offer SOME sharing options and SOME like options. This one has really all the sharing options.

Looks like it's also very easily to implement in custom extentions.

Almost a shame that it's a non-commercial. I paid over € 100 to test all the other extensions... :-)

Many thanks!
bygoslingcools, August 1, 2012
The best thing of this component I find that it creates thumbs AND the slides.
So my clients can dump their image into a folder and they are done. No matter the size!
Captions are great too.

Support is fast & very helpfull.
bygoslingcools, January 15, 2011
Every time I do a new Joomla Install I have to check all JCE component & Plugin versions.
A update button would be great!