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bygoyo, March 1, 2013
Stay away from VM2.

I have nothing but bad experience.

Even the upgrade/migration from VM1 is easier with Mijoshop or Hikashop than VM2.

Constant problems and file hacking's. New problems on each new version.

It was the best shopping component in it's days...shame really.
Owner's reply

Thank you for taking the time to add your thoughts. It is a shame you were not more specific in your issues, we are always eager to learn of user problems, and already having thousands of upgrades and migrations, done without problem, has enabled us to understand what third party components sometimes cause issues.

bygoyo, October 26, 2012
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Smart Content Tabs
To NativeRadio: Not that this particular extension is bug free, it has some problems but I have no idea how it can corrupt your Joomla or other extensions. I’m using it happily on several sites…

Also it’s great that 3 days ago you even got a reply from them because it’s a 4 day national holiday / long weekend in their country (Hungary where this company is based).

No I'm not affiliated in any way with them...
bygoyo, May 24, 2012
I've installed it on several J! sites.

Great features, great interface, the best comment question here.
bygoyo, April 13, 2012
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I bought this extension (Joomdoc 3) to use as a document manager for my users.

It's so full of bugs I'm not even sure where to start...

It's maybe ok if your not doing anything "fancy" like file versioning, changing document root, or hit refresh documents (soon or a later you'll be unable to hit refresh anyways) etc.

There are better free alternatives.

On the positive side:
Nice document icons

Negative side:
Too many to list

It should be redone from scratch.
bygoyo, December 12, 2009
AcyMailing Starter
As a longtime Acajoom user I thought there's not going to be a better component...I was wrong.

AcyMail contains everything that I missed in other mailing/newsletter components and despite it's a new and complex script it's more mature than anything I ever had for Joomla.

As next version will contain the Hungarian translation I can use it on all of my sites.

Big thanks to AcyMailing developers and rock on... :)
Owner's reply

Why should you wait next version?
The Hungarian translation (thank you for your contribution! :) ) is already on our server so you can go on AcyMailing -> Configuration -> Languages, then click on your Hungarian language and click on the button "Load the latest version from our server"...
and you're done! ;)

Dear AcyMailing users,
thank you very much for all your kind feedbacks.

bygoyo, June 23, 2009
This would be the best content thumb plugin but it doesn't remove the original width/height code for blog category. Although the image re-sized it displays with original height/width. Other plugins are remove this code. I'd write an e-mail to author but I don't know his email address and I cant write to the Ukrainian forum...
Owner's reply

Please, deinstall other resize image plugins.