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bygqgq, February 9, 2012
Q K2 Social Share Pro
I love how this turbo boosts K2 social sharing! Product was very easy to install and very easy to use and set up. Worth my money, thx
bygqgq, February 9, 2012
Paypal Payment for K2 Store
I am scoring this product based upon my experience from beginning to end with all honesty. I score this product fair because it does work (partially) for me. I purchased this product after installing the k2 store because I require payments via PayPal. Here are my 2 problems:

1) The product claims that it will automatically send attached files after purchase. Not true. Even after I disabled the "Offline Payment" option it always default payment to "pending" therefore I must redundantly go into the Joomla back-end and click order to "confirmed"

2) After confirming the order the buyer receives confirmation email and says attached file, but NO attachment file is sent thus having the seller to manually send the file attachment via email. Not like what product claims.

So I find myself frustrated and having to comb through their forums. I can't find a solution there OR on the one short page accompanied documentation. I then logically post new forum thread asking if any other user can help. NOPE, having waited nearly 24hrs, posting has not been accepted and must go through moderation. Next logical move is to email through contact form. Still no reply, so I am left having to write my review here. Well I'm glad I only paid $10. If the product was free I wouldn't care. Still waiting for help... maybe if I offer more money or a donation then I could get some help. I am a paying customer
Owner's reply


Thank you for the review. We apologise for the delay in the response. The delay was primarily due to the Time Differences between two of us.

The two issues are due to small mis-configurations. I have already responded to your email and the forum post. We will certainly sort this out for you. Every customer is valuable to us.

Thanks again