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bygrahambayne, September 20, 2011
AcyMailing Starter
The demo site is great. Then I downloaded the free extension and in just 20 minutes it is all finished bar a little CSS customisation of the subscribe module. (Just because I am fussy) The documentation is amazing for a Joomla extension free or paid, documentation is at the top of the league with Akeeba Backup. Thank you so much for an amazing free product. I am finding it hard to see why I need to pay for the enterprise version but I will gladly buy it just to give you some money. Brilliant.
bygrahambayne, September 8, 2011
This is brilliant and the developer is really helpful too. I had been using the mootools accordion using javascript and it was OK but not easy for me as my editor kept stripping the code. This plugin is very simple to use and very easy to customise the CSS for the look and feel you want. If you are looking for a slick accordion look here. This is the sort of work that makes me proud to part of such a great community. Thank you very much.
bygrahambayne, August 15, 2011
Installed and configured in less than a minute. Nice simple styling and so easy to use. Thank you very much.
bygrahambayne, July 20, 2011
R3D Floater
The instructions for setting up this module are very short. Which is excellent because it is so easy.
Modify one xml and one php file to create the positions and then publish two modules in the correct positions and bingo. Less than 5 minutes from scratch. Thanks you very much.
bygrahambayne, June 12, 2011
Booking Calendar
This is the by far the best simple booking calender that I have found. I have tried many and this is leagues ahead. It has front end editing for registered users (if enabled) and a great out of the box style. Support is brilliant too.
bygrahambayne, May 29, 2011
This is THE BEST form extension by far. It is ultra flexible with its different modes and has every capability I have ever needed. The forum is great ant the support from Terry is spot on. Thank you very much. The only extension to use if you need slick looking forms, and they are quick to make too.