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bygraveljobs, October 19, 2011
JoomBah Jobs
Joombah Jobs is the top notch number one job board out there hands down, and I know from experience trying out their competitors before I finally arrived to them.

Installation takes less than 2 minutes and you dont need to do anything other than download from site up load to yours and your ready to go.

You can customize anything and everything. It is a fully functional job board that can have you up and running and take payments in less then an hour.

The most user friendly easy component I have ever installed on my Joomla website.

And besides all that customer support is AMAZING. LEt me repeat that. The support at Joombah Jobs is head and shoulders above anyone else out there. They are amazing. They respond to any questions within hours and provide you multiple solutions for any hitches, and even if you cant do it they will do it for you.

I highly recommend joombah jobs for anyone in the marke for a job board. HIGHLY RECOMMEND & i dont recommend anyone let alone HIGHLY RECOMMEND. They are awesome and put out a quality product for a fair price ($40).

If you want to read in more detail about my experience with them keep reading....

So when I look for a new joomla extension the first thing I look at is functionality useability, & convenience. If that is too complex for you let me break it down to what I look for is.....installation ease, potential of the program, and how easy it will be for my guest or visitors

Not only does JOOMBAH JOBS rate 5 stars in each of these 3 categories they go above and beyond in every other category out there.

For $40 you can have a TOP NOTCH job board that can compete with anyone, I mean anyone, OUTTHER.

Joombah Jobs has thought of everything & is constantly updating their product. When I was first on the market for job board I didn't go with Joombah Jobs and went with 3 others before finally landing on Joombah Jobs. The other 3 are only for internal job board and the other one selling for $115 requires you to wait 24 hours after purchase before being able to acccess and then needs you to be able to code to install. For being the highest job component extension on Joomla it should be a little easier to install, but I am glad it wasn't or I wouldnt have found Joombah Jobs.

when I first purchased it I had some personal problems that lead me to procrastinate exploring it that it ran past my first 3 month subscription so I actually had to pay twice for this prodcut to test it out.

Trust me it had so much potential and promise that I didn't mind doin so, plus the staff deserve it since they did such agood job designing it.

Now after I got into it and started explorign it I found a few VERY VERY VERY minor bugs, like how to add customize fields, how to apply changes to jobs, employers or registration fields. VERY minor stuff.

I had an answer to each hurdle by the end of the night. But here is the kicker.........Right before I was ready to launch my site I realized I needed a button for employers to be able to see there newly posted job on my site because of the template i was using and not only did the staff give me multiple options they realized I didnt have the skill to do it on my own so they went in and did it for me. Then I realized I gave them login info to the wrong site, and instead of writing me off as an idiot, which I was, they simply took the new info and went in to the code in my admin side of my site and did what they needed to to make it work on my site.

For this I will be foreever greatful. The staff at Joombah jobs Strives for excellence, puts out a superior product and their is nothing on the market that comes close to them.

If you need a job board you need joombah jobs compnent period. It is that simple.