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bygrayt7, March 21, 2012
Not as good as their other components.

Seems a little inflexible – the categories are managed as folders, there are no download links in the category list which means extra clicks for you customers. The styling isn’t great and you WILL need to template override the output to get something useable.

I found EDocman to be a much better component.
bygrayt7, March 21, 2012
Very good component :) I've tried a few download managers and most really over complicate what should be a simple experience.


1. It's very easy to use.
2. It's simple enough to master in seconds yet flexible enough to tweak.
3. It works so well with J2.5
4. It's not very expensive.


1. none really. :) Would be nice to turn off the default styling in the admin and not to load the default CSS.

For the price - this is well worth a shot.
bygrayt7, May 7, 2010
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This product has so much potential - it works (just) and there are a lot of features. Yes the price is high BUT the customer service and support is fantastic and very quick.

Like I said, its not perfect however, there is a great team behind the project that is actively developing the product.

Bugs are fixed quickly and features are added regulary.

Good product, good support, active and good updates, however, not quiet perfect.

Enjoy - and thanks.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comments, rightly said this component is under active development & its a big component, bound to have bugs, we strive to fix them asap. 18th version since its release states its activeness.

bygrayt7, March 1, 2010
AcyMailing Starter
Installation - no problems
Ease of use - excellent and straight forward
Support - no problems
Support for other extentions - fantastic and includes all the plugins you'll need.
Multilanguage - yes!

I have the business edition and andfter trying out afew of the other newletter applications, this wins hand down!

It really does the feature list it claims to to do!

Recommended - thank you.
bygrayt7, November 14, 2009
Its free, it works, it does everything it says - what more can you ask for? Please keep up the good work.