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bygreenreptile, December 12, 2013
This module echo time from server-side and that`s exactly what i need :)
thank you very much.
bygreenreptile, December 5, 2013
ARI Ext Menu
Internet explorer always is a WORRY for me and after i installed this module, i checked it in IE8: seems very smoothly & bug-free

Also i made it RTL, it was very simple and quickly.
thank you very much :)
bygreenreptile, March 5, 2013
first of all i have to mention that this plugin works for me without any bug

-RTL support is a good feature

-gave me this option that i change keyword tag (help me very much in migration from j1.5!)

-the only sad point is: this plugin need mootools-more (its a little huge) but i create a custom version and problem fixed!
bygreenreptile, March 4, 2013
i think file manager (with $ID permission)/custom ENTER key (switch between BR or  )and... is important features of this component

in the new version of JCE i can see a great template (for mobile) with beautiful buttons and everything is working nice
bygreenreptile, March 4, 2013
I think with this plugin you can tune your site very well

jbetolo minify/compress/combine all my 29css to 1 and 16js file to 1

(other great options are lasy image and CDN)

With a tiny code in my htaccess file(adding expire header tag) my site is now grade A (in yslow)
bygreenreptile, March 4, 2013
J2XML Importer
in my site migration from joomla 1.5 to 2 the most important feature that i needed was keeping content ID (because comments on articles)

and this component gave it to me :)
bygreenreptile, March 4, 2013
for a long time i was searching for some plugin that give me :

load images in a specific folder ,create thumbnails and after all, when i click on thumbs, stretched size actual size can be seen.

so i`m here and glade to find it!
bygreenreptile, March 4, 2013
AcyMailing Starter
i`m using this component for 3years and i should say its working without any bug!

bounce handling , load module in newsletter,live language editing and... are my favorite features

it`s really professional and i advice to all
bygreenreptile, March 10, 2012
i had some problems with pages had form (in fact when global cache was enable,forms were not submitted )

so i installed this great plugin and my problem solved.

thanks a lot...
bygreenreptile, August 4, 2010
i`m using this component these days for a cosmetics shop. my theme is include in mesolite template and everything in is fantastic:

- great back-end full control
- sub-items is very important feature i`m using it
- absolutely complete extra modules
- and so on

you want to implement an online shop?
i advice you test VM at first your selection!

thank you.
bygreenreptile, April 29, 2010
for a long time i`m using this great plugin:)
its really perfect,
-auto thumbnail generation
-cross browsers(not fully!)
-nice templates
-and so on!

but i rate this "Good" because with some other plugins i have problem in ie6,7 !
(the site closed with error)
this plugin is not so compatible with some other components like Usertoolbar

i mean rokbox.js is not so clear and cross-browser

bygreenreptile, April 2, 2010
we can see the most of above comments with 5 stars! but in my point of view this extension is just good for admin (back-end)!

i installed it and after? there is no extra nice module! i think its a weakness!
after make a menu-component , i saw a weak view of categories list, also there is no list view mode. (or tree view module for example)

i know that this extension have great abilities like multi-mapping or nested categories but front-end environment is not important really?

content-management for admin is not all the things!

anyway this component would be more great if some tiny enhancement done!

thank you FLEXIcontent!