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bygrohl39, February 16, 2012
I paid for this extension about 8 months ago. It became pretty clear that the extension was not upto scratch right off the bat as it was missing many basic features. Support kept saying that these features would be fixed in their new version that they were developing. Many of us put our projects on hold to wait for the new version to come out. When it did finally come out we all get an e-mail saying it's going to cost us. This after a lot of us spent so much time helping the support know what was lacking in the first version. I spent countless hours contributing and this is the slap in the face I got. Stay away from ohanah as all they care about is money. Sure they can fix fundamental flaws in their product but it's going to cost you! I recommend maybe waiting 5 years or so when they have ironed out all its flaws, then pay the money.
Owner's reply

Hello grohl39, if ohanah wasn't fit for you you could have just asked for a refund straight away 8 month ago and we will have just refunded you :) ...we aren't about the money, we just are about gr8 products and gr8 support.

The v2 is a completely new product and come packed even with a full mobile app that work together with the extension and just this alone is worth every penny. We appreciated you as a customer of the old version and therefore kindly offered you a super discount offer if you needed or wanted to upgrade. There are plenty of awesome website out there made with the v1 and upgrading is not mandatory, as stated we will keep giving you lifespan support and fixes for the old version you bought, we just won't stop supporting it!

We are sorry to hear about you being disappointed What we can suggest you is to please open a ticket on the support system and if money is everything that matter to you, we will be more then happy to refund you even now after 8 month.