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Dear community,

I've nearly tried out every calendar extension for Joomla...

- Calendar extension must be able to display a huge amount of events at the same time (performance!)...
- ...without confusing the users -> i.e. multi-day events have to be displayed (on the same "line") as ONE entity, WITHOUT having to buy additional templates or creating/implementing new sourcecode lines first
- Calendar must be able to display events in different categories (or: different calendars in the same view). These categories can be displayed/hidden through user-interaction
- Additional information like links, images, descriptions can be added individually for each entry
- Users are able to copy events and directly integrate them into their own calendars, i.e. Google Cal, Outlook Cal, etc.
- Different views are available by default -> day, week, month / a separate "print-view" is integrated
- Calendar design is fully customizable (in my case: background had to be set to 'transparent' -> corporate design)
- As there are hundreds of entries in my specific calendar: Extension is able to automatically display ALL events using a minimum of space in the frontend (optimized for a perfect overall-view!)
- Lightbox- and geotagging functionalities are already implemented
- Extension is available in multiple languages
- Additional modules are available -> complete solution for one site -> i.e. display upcoming events separately, show smaller calendar on frontpage, etc.

- Events can be added/updated/modified also through frontend-access
- Backend: Entries can be displayed in categories/in different views, in order to retrieve a certain entry as fast as possible
- Recurring events only have to be edited once -> entries can be future-dated/re-used or directly set up as 'recurring'
- A list of events can be implemented in one batch by using import plugins (i.e. csv-plugin)

You'll find all of these and even more useful and helpful features in DPCalendar by default! I'm quite sure, that you won't be able to find a smarter, more powerful Joomla-Calendar extension!

In order to suit your and your site-visitors needs perfectly, experienced users, coders and the developer can be asked for support/help in the DPCalendar forum. I use DPCalendar on a site where hundreds of classic car-/oldtimer-/racing-events are displayed; thanks a lot to Laoneo/paulohio/dhaller for their help in customizing DPCal!

I'd strongly recommend the Joomla extension DPCalendar, because it is...
+ fully customizable
+ easy to use
+ contains additional modules
+ well supported, updated regularly AND its pricing is fair!
==> Excellent!