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bygrunt2001c, August 6, 2014
Component looks pretty Good, I like how JQuery works.
bygrunt2001c, December 2, 2013
Does alot of things, this is definitely worth the money.
bygrunt2001c, September 29, 2013
Akeeba Release System
It like the fact that you don't have to create update xml file.
bygrunt2001c, June 22, 2013
This component allows our users to grab language files w/o going to transfex.
bygrunt2001c, June 19, 2012
This component is awesome. detects any core files that are missing or modified. and gives suggestion on how to fix issues.
bygrunt2001c, May 16, 2012
plugin is pretty good. those that are complaining about it messing up the template. need to take a look into their CSS. what i've noticed is that css class clear float is not being done properly with this plug in and some others as well. so what i did is instead of used and that fixed my template issue. there is also small problem with caching but that can be solved if you play around with cache settings.
bygrunt2001c, May 16, 2012
Content Optimizer
This plug in is awesome. before I was using manual sizing process but some images can't be sized, and i need bigger image size in one of the other areas. so this plugin helps dropped my file sizes quite a bit. noticed that if was making my template look bad, but that was error on my part, with CSS.
bygrunt2001c, March 18, 2012
WEBO Site SpeedUp
will mess up your site. had some components and modules installed on my site, it messed them up. removed their xml files. some of the images are still messed up. Gcalendar is still not working after i uninstalled component.
Owner's reply

Component doesn't touch any of your website files except .htaccess. And after uninstallation all website functions are the same as before component installation. If you write your issue to with website access - we will help you with it's resolving.

bygrunt2001c, September 29, 2011
DPCalendar Lite
Slight problem with SEF but its easily fixable.
bygrunt2001c, August 18, 2011
Liturgical year
I've been using this module for about a year and i love it.
bygrunt2001c, November 8, 2010
Bible Reading Plan
i like this module, one of sugestions i'd like to make is add, couple more different bible reading plans, chronological, year, 2 year and so on, also ability to use different language bibles. and bible book names.
Owner's reply

Thanks! I would love to but it takes A LOT of work to populate the database with plans. :-) However, I will eventually get around to it.

bygrunt2001c, August 11, 2010
excellent module, support is supper.