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bygrvulture, October 20, 2011
We used jFusion to integrate our phpBB users within the Joomla authentication system. We were already using the mehdi bridge, but the way it wanted to integrate the users was not fitting to us, because mehdi requires that all users must create a new password after integration.

So, I thought, let's give jFusion a try. It was a wise decision! JFusion's integration is amazing! You just have to follow instructions in the documentation (although a bit outdated), understand the difference between master and slave plugins, and you're set! Just be sure you know what you're doing.

Now we have Joomla as a layer where the mehdi bridge lays the phpBB display, and JFusion handles user-authentication. Great! As a token of gratitude we have donated to help jFusion's further development. It is a great product and a lot of hard work has been put into it. Thank you again jFusion!
bygrvulture, May 30, 2008
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...and I was looking for a way to show modules according to user language-selection.

MetaMod is so versatile, it does SO many things, and it can show modules according to language-selection too!

I don't use JoomFish, because on Joomla1.5.2 it messes up with Community Builder.

Actually I don't need to use any of the language plugins, they are too much trouble for nothing if you ask me!

I only needed to put 5 lines of simple code in only 4 of my files, to have a language-selector on front-end, and articles showing in user's language of choice!

Components use language files!
Modules too!
BUT not Joomla's menus (!!how's that?)

So how was I to show language-specific menus on my site??

MetaMod came to save the day!!
And Stephen was MOSTLY helpful!
the solution to my problems became ridiculously easy by using MetaMod!

in my case I only had to add a code in MetaMod's PHP textbox like this:

$language = $mainframe->getCfg('language');

if ($language=="en-GB") return 11;
if ($language=="el-GR") return 22; //example numbers

Now my site is totally multi-lingual, without going nuts with all the menus, and buttons, and options, and editing, and,and,and of applications like JoomFish, M17N, and the likes!


Thank you again Stephen for this fantastic module!
Owner's reply

Thanks 'grvulture' for your review. Just a note to anyone else who wants to use this example:
(1) you still need to install JoomFish in order to get the language selector menus etc.
(2) but, you don't need to set up any of the other JoomFish translation features apart from enabling the languages that you want people to be able to select, and assigning the language selector module to a page.
(3) Before the "$language = ..." line above, you need to type the following line in the MetaMod config:
global $mainframe;
(4) and that's it, the easiest way to set up completely different menus depending on the selected language.