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bygsagsa, July 26, 2012
RSform Pro
From my own hands-on experience this is a fantastic product. It lets you get a whole lot of work done very quickly, looking clean and professional. Its core functionality is quite complete and some less-than-obvious features such as the Duplicate, Preview, database, email, CSS/JS availability, and others make it even more efficient and powerful. Its integration into Joomla is very nice too. Personally, I really wish the documentation was more of a "manual" than a collection of hierarchical topics on their website, but that, as I said, may be a personal issue... Making up for this deficiency, their support (ticket/email) has been very quick and to the point in answering my inquiries. For their base price of less than $30, this thing paid for itself in a hurry. Easy five stars from me,and I believe this is my first review ever. By the way, in case you care, I have over 20 years experience in commercial software engineering and product development on a very wide range of applications (web, desktop, educational, business, devices, etc.).