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Reviews(5), April 24, 2012
Tabber Pro for K2
I give it a good rating because the functions of the product are awesome for K2 items. It's very nice to have the ability to tab your items and it's pretty robust in it's features.

But understand that if you're using another template besides the default k2 template (i.e. templates clubs that style with k2)... This product uses their own template. SO in category you have to select this k2tabberpro template to work. But that coding will turn it back to the k2 default styling. So if your using another template you're going to have to cut and paste code to merge it together. It's not too bad if you know what you're doing but I assumed the tabs was a plugin that would just tab into whatever template I had but it doesn't.

AGAIN GREAT PRODUCT LOVE IT. BUT know that if you have your own styled k2 template you're going to have to merge with this one.

Also not real happy about the service. They never got back to me when I posted on their comment board. I don't mind that so much for a free product but I paid for this one. However it was under $10 so I can't complain too much., January 24, 2012
I've coded a lot of website, e-commerce, product databases, video platforms and I love this component. Easy to configure and to style for my clients liking. Even more importantly it's easy for my clients who have no web skills to update. Custome service is great! Highly, high recommend. Worth more then what you're paying., December 3, 2011
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I've worked with a number of shopping cart solutions including virtuemart, Tienda, Zencart and none of those compare to the features, ease of use, customization, and customer service.

BY FAR THE BEST! The free version is very robust and I could easily make it do what I needed and if I had a question they HikaShop team would answer within hours.

I am now convinced that this is the shopping for all my future websites. Don't waste your energy with the others! SIMPLY THE BEST!, July 5, 2011
AutoCopy Automatic Copyright
Love the module, easy quick to install but it would be nice to have the Module Class Suffix option. For my rockettheme templates I often need to add the suffix "flush" to eliminate the extra space around the module. Wuld love that feature added so I don't have to hand code that portion.

Otherwise highly recommended!
Owner's reply

Good point. This module is pretty lazy, it doesn't even have a layout, it just writes the string and exits. We slapped it out pretty quickly just before the new year. A layout (and module suffix) will be included in the next release... can't promise when that will be though (ACP 2.0 comes first)!, March 4, 2011
Anything Tabs
Thank you! Thank you!. I'm pretty particular with the extensions I add and this works so easily and perfectly. I love it! A must have if you want to add some creative spice to your site. Being able to link to whatever you want and create your own buttons... a huge plus!