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This extension is great. It is amazing that the author has put so much work in it to build it and still offers it for free. It gives you full control over your website's head scripts and CSS.
I use it on every website i build.
It is only one thing left to say.
Thank you !
bygubagy, December 1, 2010
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Really great functionality component it is like your own google analytic even better it shows live data and so much more.Installs with two click and it does what it is said to do... and that is really a lot.

The UI is giving me a brain hemorrhage. Really painful to look at. Cramming all available information on one page does not make you process it. On contrary it makes you ignore it or get lost in it. The reason that stopped me from giving the maximum.

To the developer/s:
You are amazing programmer/s no doubts about it. BUT pleeeeez hire a (interaction)designer to do the UI for the component. No offense meant.