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bygvasilakis, October 11, 2010
Payment Form
I bought this when it was still in “development stages” I would say
$18….WOW!!! you can’t go wrong .
Lack of documentation and demo version, but for the price, who cares I thought…give it a go.
There is not extensive documentation, because you don’t need it. The extension is easy to install and easy to use after a bit of playing around with it.
I quickly realized that although easy, it was a bit less flexible than what I needed….
I needed a custom field and the ability to reposition all the fields….when the email and name was not possible at the time.
So I emailed Tuan. He replied a few hours later, and promised a new improved version with all these extra options within 6 days. Wow again!!!
A week later, we have 1.4 version with all I need and more :)
This is what I call service!!!!! And all these for $18 :)
I will soon try the Google Checkout plug-in that no other joomla payment form could offer me up to now.
Great stuff…..!!!! its got my 5 stars, and I would give 10 if I could :)
Very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!