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An essential add-on that probably should not be needed, as in this should be part of the Joomla core.

Anyway this is as simple as what the component is called, no settings required, just a simple case of install and then create your menu item - how simple is that :)

Thanks to the developer (John) for proving this to every one :)
NoNumber Extension Manager
What could be easier, this extension manager is the icing on the cake, a great addition to the already great NoNumber extensions.

Thanks again for the great products, keep up the great work :)
OSE File Manager™
It amazed me when they released Joomla 1.6 that they still did not include a decent file manager. While the media manager exists it is a far cry from a proper and really useful file manager.

Fortunately there is an add-on that fills this gap, OSE File Manager and what a great add-on it is. It works well and does what I needed, no errors, easy installation and works straight out of the box. Well worth the 5 stars.

The only thing that I could suggest to improce it is an AJAX type file uploader where we can select multiple files all at once to upload instead of one for each upload box. Though I am sure the developers will read this and soon this will be added, so hence the 5 stars will remain :)

Keep up the great work guys and again thanks for OSE FileManager.
bygwmbox, June 14, 2010
Tag Meta
I have used quite a few meta tag management extensions, however most others are too complex or have a few issues that that are yet to be resolve, this one is by far the simplest and easiest to use and it functions as it says it will.

If you use this extensions, make sure you READ the instructions available in the PDF file downloadable for this extension and it will save you time and allow you to really use this small tool to the maximum benefit.

The use of the '$' syntax at the end of each URI enables you to control each and every items matadata, it cannot get any simpler :)

Well done to the Dev's on this one (donation has been sent) and I look forward to any future updates and other any other extensions from you.
RSSeo! Suite
Great component once you get the hang of it and work out the best way to use it, which was easy as I just asked the guys at RS and within a few hours I got a very detailed response.

I am not sure why others seem to have problems with data being lost, ours is fine even after a page refresh.

Anyway like all RS extensions this is another one to add to your Joomla Site Shopping basket.
bygwmbox, July 29, 2009
This is ok for the most part but it needs more work and is not yet ready for production site.

The image conversion is poor from what I have tested even with a 90 quality setting. It also needs to be able to convert to same file type - e.g. if the image is a jpg leave it as a jpg for the thumb as well, if it is a gif, leave it as a gif and so on.

Or better yet add an admin function to enable the setting of the file format the thumb should be created as either globally or for each section or file type.

The admin paramaters needs to be tabbed as it is too long, set it up into tabbed sections.

As said this is fine but not yet mature enough for production site.
bygwmbox, January 13, 2008
I would have to say this is by far the fastest and easiest sitemap to setup and it has plenty of plug-ins for your other favourite components. Excellent work guys keep it up :)
bygwmbox, August 8, 2007
Nice and easy to install and configure the base use of the ad system. However it greatly lacks the ability to customise the look and feel of the ad system in general.

While it allows you to add and remove and place fields in a few places the actual look and feel and styles and editing the system would be too daunting for most.

It uses one css file so it is easy to make a few cosmetic modification's but unless you have good php and html experience the rest of the customisation is a - do at your own risk - situation as I felt that even the code with the base html file (adsmanager.html.php) has insufficient detailed comment to follow it clearly.

I hope the developer takes my comments as being constructive criticism and keeps developing it and separates the html and css into a template based system, I suggest something like what has been done with SOBI2 as an idea that the developer may want to look at for future development of this ad system.

So to sum up, if you want to install as is and not change much go for it as it will do what you need. If you need customising of how it looks but are not good at HTML or PHP stay clear of it or hire someone to help.