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Virtual Domains
The Virtual Domains Extension is a very powerful multi-domain management extension. One is able to manage endless numbers of domains from a single Joomla Administrator backend in a very easy way. When the extension is installed and domains entered in the admin panel, Access Levels are created for Menu's, Articles, Modules, templates, you name it. So the access levels are for instance the default Joomla access levels i.e. Guest/Registered/Public/etc but when you have created 'Sitename A' and 'Sitename B' They become also visible in the Articles/modules/menu's/templates and more so it is very easy to assign an article or module or menu to either defined sites or to both through "Guest/Public and more. You can assign different templates/styles to different sites with their own logo and content and menu links.
We have used this now on several sites and it is extremely easy to use. The documentation is not that clear and actual needs improvement but as soon as you are stuck and you send a message to Michael Liebler you will be very friendly and professional assisted with clear explanations. If you have multiple sites with a lot of identical content to manage (multi-shops in several countries for instance or similar multilingual sites with different domain extensions (think .eu/.de/.nl/.com )this tool is a blessing and awesome!
bygwsdesk, May 12, 2013
I gave 4 years ago in September 2009 my first review of Breezingforms. If you look at the title of my review you will notice that after 4 years we as a large commercial services provider in the Joomlasphere are still very happy with Breezingforms. We have tried some competitive extensions such as RS-forms (which is actually also a good product) but the versatility of the Easymode Interface and ease of creating the most difficult multi-page forms and form applications for our clients with the extensive scripting library that comes with the package makes us a happy user of Breezingforms. Our clients are able (after reviewing the instruction videos on the BF website and with some basic guidance from us) to create are able to make their own forms with the Quickmode interface themselves. The documentation is extensive and the support by Markus and his Team is first class. Over the past years we have seen this extension grow from a FacileForms based 'clone' to a real Content Construction Kit and with the current exciting addons being developed for/with BreezingForms we are convinced that this extension is worth every single penny of its subscriptions.
bygwsdesk, May 12, 2013
SP Upgrade
Well overdue this review after using it with so much success! After the frustration with other tools available we tried a few years ago SP Upgrade as soon as it was released. The suite is excellent and has matured over the years into a very reliable and rock-solid tool to migrate any website from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5 and/or Joomla 3.0. We are a large global operating, commercial Joomla support organization and we do many, many migrations of all sorts of websites. Every core Joomla migration, small or large is done utilizing SP Upgrade. The largest site we have migrated using this tool was a Joomla 1.5 website with 90,000 articles and a database of 720 Mb. Smoothly and without any loss of data. Links perfectly intact and no loss of Google ranking in the end. The documentation is excellent and is proper updated. The costs are reasonable and you pay about US$ 40 for the component but it is worth the money since you migrate in minutes an average Joomla core site where the "good old" free tools simply won't do the job as good as SP Upgrade (do your research on the Joomla-forums and extension reviews) and they take way more time and effort and repairs after things are completed.
You want to migrate? This extension is the way to go (!)