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Reviews(1), April 13, 2012
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Joom Donation
I have used Joom Donation & found it quite useful.
What I do not like about it does not have to do with the software but instead some of the "Software Developer" hijacking his own software to insert dubious & potentially unethical self promoting donation text.
It all involves OFFLINE PAYMENTS
Such as:
A Message Screen for OFFLINE PAYMENTS concerning Joom Donation Site & NOT Yours.
It is NOT clear about the target or the intent of the Donation:

Both the User & the Thank you messages solicits an ASAP payment to his Vietnamese Bank Account.
User email body (offline payment)
Thank you message (offline payment)

Thanks for donating to our site .
Please send the offline payment ASAP to our bank account .
Information of our bank account is as follow :
Tuan Pham Ngoc, Ngan Hang Ngoai Thuong Vietcombank, Account Number XXX045485467
[it should instead state something like TO NAME, BANKNAME , Account Number XXXXXXXXXX ]
We are looking forward to receiving your payment .

This message will be displayed on the thank you page after donors made an offline donation

It appears that the developer wants all Offline Donations to go to him.
I find that this can be modified but should not be inserted as text into the software extension.

It is possible that I am misinterpreting this content so I would like a clarification if possible.
Owner's reply


Please understand that I have never wanted to receive OFFLINE PAYMENT donation as you mentioned :

1. The messages are just DEFAULT CONFIGURATION MESSAGES generated at the first time you installed the extension. As you pointed out, you can go to Joom Donation -> Configuration , looks at Messages tab and change the message to point it to your REAL BANK account. (I am sure that every customers who use the extension will test the extension before using on a Live Site, see the message and change it - Do you agree ?)

2. More important, the BANK ACCOUNT in the message is a FAKE BANK ACCOUNT. It is not MY (or ANYONE's) BANK ACCOUNT. So infact, even when you don't change the message, and your donors transfer the money to that FAKE BANK ACCOUNT, the money will never be transfered !

Hope my explanations above are clear enough. If you receive this message, please help me by contacting the JED team to ask them to remove this low rating and review for me.


Ossolution Team