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We have been using Jumi for many years to our great pleasure. We used it very successfully for inserting links to pages and also direct PHP coding. Our experience was with Joomla 1.5.x. Two tumbs up.
With Joomla 1.7.3 the back-end is not fully functional and above 20 entries we have to use the MySQL tables to manage entries above 20. For people running Joomla 1.7.x that have this issue the work around is very simple to go the the _jumi table and manage it from there. When a fix for this is released I would really give it a two thumbs up, right now this issue makes it less functional for this release of Joomla 1.7.
It looks very promising but it did not work for us and I did not want to spend an hour figuring out what we do wrong. It was enabled, configured and URL's where added as described. But the redirection did not work.
After installing Phoca SEF we got this problem of URL redirecting solved. May be we try it again at a later stage if we can figure out how it works and if a feature is added to have all strings redirecting that are set with a filter or portion of the requesting url. Right now every single url of a page that has been moved must be done seperately. Source like /pictures?.... into /pictures*.
Owner's reply

I hope you will give a second chance to ReDJ in future. It's not "for dummies", infact the last version supports internal redirect and dynamic destination (advanced features), but is not so hard to make it work. Also, a fresh tutorial is available and you can ask for support on forum (for many users I have solved the problem directly logging into their backend).

Working Copy
I have tested this on our site a community service website and found that it probably what I really wanted. But it times out when creating the new copy. The developer suggested that he may be working around this by bypassing the PHP time-out. Personally I would rather see a solution that does this like akeeba backup. This is more like what you want to see and also shows the progress you make. May be that this suggestion helps the developer finding a quick solution to his challenge.
I have not been able to fully test it because it times out on me and the copy it creates is incomplete. If the developer gets to finding the right solution then I would be very enthusiastic to test it.