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byhacksider, July 31, 2014
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I think they really support jomsocial but easysocial support is virtually a no-reply support.

I can't say they are really bad since I use their other extensions for some clients using their accounts (I encourage them to buy for themselves for long term support). Then I tried their easysocial profile, and I did report that their plugin doesn't work with usernames with numbers. 48 hours have passed and still no reply.
Owner's reply

Sorry for the late support as it is the holiday period here. All support tickets have been responded now.

byhacksider, January 3, 2013
I have tried using this on one of our corporate website and I can say everything is easy to create using this component, the only thing I have seen is they don't seem to support the community (only the paid customers) and I think they just leave the forum stagnant even on the BUGS section. Though it is understandable that they need money to support themselves, the bugs must be fixed even if it is not reported by a paying member since it will help them get more potential customers. I'm planning on buying their support but seeing that there are more than 50+ unfixed bugs (totally ignored) in their forum, that is a major turn off. Again, I can only recommend this on a basic webshop if you want an easy to design framework, but if you want a fully featured cart, then get ready to fix the bugs on your own and get messy with the code.
byhacksider, October 5, 2012
Email as Username
The plugin might look very simple but it really delivers as promised. Whats best is they give you support, and it's beyond comparison to what other website have! I reported a bug and Dylan actually replies on my email and even on the forum in less than 24 hours. Customer service is always a core to get customers back, and I can say that I will always willing to buy extensions from Dylan starting today.
byhacksider, May 29, 2011
Cherry Picker for Virtuemart
I really appreciate the module in every aspect, as demoed. But what really amazes me is the after sales support. I didn't expect to receive a response from the author in less than an hour (since most tickets gets resolved in many websites in 24 to 72 hours, which is also acceptable).

Anyway, about the module. It works as you can see in the website, and it really does improves over time (which I really dont expect for a really great product at start). This helps my buyers to pick what they really wanted. Fast and very straight forward. 2 thumbs up for the developer!
byhacksider, May 26, 2010
Store for K2
All I can say is this is a good addition to the k2 component specially when you want a customizable store. The only thing that seems to be not right is you cant see the module when you're browsing other pages. Hope that the developer create that in mind too. Anyway, since this is free, I give this 5 stars!
byhacksider, April 27, 2010
Joom Donation
Even though the developer is a 1 man team, he handles every request accordingly. It may take time (well, as a developer I understand that he have to think on development and bug testing too) but he will try to do his best to deliver it.

This is one of the best plugin/component/module you can have for your money! 5 stars for the software, 6 stars for the developer (Tuan). All I can say is support is great, software is great, everything is great!
byhacksider, August 3, 2009
Mosets Tree
All I can say that this is one of the best script you can find out there. It is very easy to use and configure. The support is top notch. Templating is also very easy! All I can say is this is the best value of all components out there! You really get what you pay for and more!