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byhackybrazil, July 13, 2013
according to the description "out of the box" I was quiet surprised how much i had to learn about php and css. I realy put great effort and time in tutorials and learning how to style. Unfortunately I ended up in the lots of forums trying to find ways how to tweak it and make it work in general. Beside the conflicts with images and a responsive template the issue with item view in the subcategory listings listings (that were showing in the category) - and the only solution to get into the php file again ....gave me the rest ...gave up.
Conclusion: if you have knowledge in coding and css ... should be a great component ... for someone who wants a solution out of the box ...stick with joomla itself.
Owner's reply

If you thought K2 was difficult, wait till you try the default Joomla! article system (com_content) templating. We get lots of Joomla! newbies digging into K2 first, instead of com_content and believe K2 is hard to work with. It's not hard, it's how Joomla!'s templating works and these people soon find out when they use com_content. K2's templating is simpler and easier to work with. Most of the times you won't even need to touch the PHP code blocks. Just switch off any elements you don't want per category or even per item. Want to move things around (re-order the item elements)? Just move the marked PHP blocks. Can't get any simpler than that and com_content is far more difficult to work with. That's the reason why we built K2 in the first place...

A final note. Don't expect to get into a proper CMS like Joomla! and NOT learn a few things on HTML, CSS, JS or even PHP. Try modifying a WordPress theme. Joomla! templating will then seem like a walk in the part. Try Drupal. Hell is colder that Drupal theming...

If you don't learn the basics of HTML, CSS, JS & PHP, you'll always feel stuck. And then the only solutions you'll end up with are Tumblr or Blogspot. Even those may require HTML editing as well sometimes... But they'll only be a blog and nothing more.

Can't/don't want to learn the web's languages? Then hire a pro developer.

Things are most of the times simpler than we think.

byhackybrazil, July 8, 2013
Social Bookmarking Genius
taking in consideration that this is offered as a free plugin .... just 3 social options is not worth it. suggestion: get the entire bunch and do a backlink option for those who don´t care....
Owner's reply

In the free version I offer all of the most common shares, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. I thought that was fair.

byhackybrazil, May 8, 2011
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
slick, nice and highly customizable... working out of the bpx and great customer service.
byhackybrazil, May 5, 2011
unfortunately of my 3 posts i didn´t receive any kind of replys - i understand that because it´s a free version but anyway gives a bad taste.....
there are numerous issues and after finaly my site crashed and didn´t recover after cache cleaning, purging and many more efforts i unfortunately give up on it....
byhackybrazil, April 23, 2011
Contact Enhanced Component
Fantastic package that works instantly without any effort. If needed expansable and changable in the way you want. fantastic documentation and stunning customer service. Great Job!!