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byhadjipapas, November 3, 2013
I have been looking for a way to add nofollow to all sobipro external links. This plugin worked out of the box. just enable it and all external links everywhere have a nofollow attribute. Thank you to the developer.
byhadjipapas, August 12, 2013
stops spam at the source. When a known spam user attempts to register or login to your site, this extension will deny the user access and notify admin about what happened.
byhadjipapas, November 9, 2012
GMapFP : Google Map
This map component is everything you want from a map on your joomla site. Works great on 2.5. It can be set so users can add listings to the map, include images, and choose markers. I have tried several map components, some way to difficult and others not quite there. Thank you Gmapfp developers
byhadjipapas, November 3, 2012
Not only this is the only feed reader I managed to make work on joomla 2.5 it's also brilliant. Easy install easy setup. You can set your feeds up into groups and give them styles. You can set a menu item to a group of feeds which will generate a great looking page with a really neat layout with every feed under its own heading. You can do the same with a module. You could probably build a whole site with this coolfeed component to include content from other sources via rss. Very much impressed with this feed reader. Also support is great with active development.
byhadjipapas, October 25, 2012
Easily add your logout menu item and redirect to any page. I set it for registered members only and once the logout menu item is clicked the user is logged out and redirected to the page of my choice. download, install, and setup done in 20 seconds.
byhadjipapas, October 25, 2012
AcyMailing Starter
This component is huge. Full control over your mailing list, easy to use and update is a breeze. Highly recommended, even the free version will change the way you mail your members. Truly a piece of art! Thanks acymailing
byhadjipapas, July 18, 2012
Social Sharing
This extension is the perfect login via social network solution. New users can stumble across your website and within seconds be using your website as a registered member. customer support is great, its easy to install with detailed instructions on the site. has made my members very happy not having to remember yet another username and password just to take part in forum discussions.
byhadjipapas, January 2, 2012
Ignite Gallery
Joomla 1.7

Cant believe I spent so much time trying to tinker the free components when this just works on install.

Too easy to install, easy to add images, create galleries (categories) and profiles (gallery views).

Easy facebook commenting and like buttons. Easy to add descriptions for images. I found just adding descriptions on images in other galleries a total head explosion.

If you don't want to waste countless hours trying to get your gallery working or having to memorise codes for your articles to display your gallery, just buy this.

All you got to know is what pictures you want to put in your site, everything else with this component is easy. NO NEED TO LEARN CODE! just have to choose from a bunch of options.
byhadjipapas, January 2, 2012
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DPCalendar Lite
I am very happy with this component.

This component is a simple way to include your google calendar on your website.

It does not give you the ability to edit you google calendar events from your site! This is not a problem for me considering I chose to use google calendar in the first place and not an inbuilt calendar.

It will display your calendar in either a google view or the gcalendar view. It also has a couple mods to allow you to show upcoming events and the calendar as a module.

Simple to install and easy yo create a menu item, set time, include calendar name, description above and below.

I found the Gcalendar view works great on pc, ipad and android. perfect way to include a google calendar on your site.
byhadjipapas, June 25, 2011
RegReminder Lite
Since I installed this little script I have retained on average 4 out of 5 members that didn't complete the registration process the first time. Most will complete the registration on the first reminder and a few with the second.

Easy install and set up.

Awesome, Thumbs up to you guys. Thank you.
byhadjipapas, March 10, 2011
- Leave your core files alone
- easy install

Cons: None that I can see

This plugin is perfect to add your PIWIK CODE before the tag, just install, enter your code and forget.

Thank you to the developer.
byhadjipapas, September 28, 2010
Phoca Gallery
I really cant explain how much I love this component. Its a complete image gallery solution. 2 thumbs up
byhadjipapas, September 25, 2010
This captcha not only worked on all joomla forms (registration forms, forgot username, forgot password) it also solved my mosets tree captcha needs. I just added a code before the submit button on all the mosets trees template form pages and was done.

no hacks no fuss.

All my captcha problems solved, spent 2 days trying numerous other solutions and managed to solve all captcha issues in 20 minutes using this plugin.

2 thumbs up from me, thank you very much
byhadjipapas, August 29, 2010
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
after hours of research and finding a few outdated, very complicated registration form plugins for virtuemart, I got lucky enough to stumble onto this plugin.

Installed in a second and was working in 10 seconds.

I highly recommend.

Now I can comfortably inactivate user registration activation to make it much simpler for a buyer to buy something on virtuemart without having to get in their inbox to click an activation link.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

byhadjipapas, August 15, 2010
FJ Related Articles Plus
Was looking all day for a solution to adding related articles to each article without having to rely on meta tags. In my case i use this module to display related articles by category. Easy install, easy setup, perfect thanks
byhadjipapas, August 8, 2010
My RSS Reader
This plugin solved all my content problems. With this plugin I can display content from any rss feed as content on my site. Easy installation works great. I had to come back and comment.
byhadjipapas, June 28, 2010
JCH Optimize
Easy to install and super easy setup.

I selected yes to all the first parameters except for minify HTML and my website climbed 8 points in the firebug page speed tab.

Phoca gallery users: I had a small issue with my modal popup box view on phoca gallery but solved it by adding mootools.js in the "Exclude JavaScript Files box" in the JCH Optimize plugin parameters.