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byhakana, February 20, 2013
This is one of the best and quickest support I have seen so far. Your issues are resolved not even within a day but within hours.

The extension has a lot to offer, you have to decide well about how to use it. They keep improving the extension and new releases are issued very often.

Thank you Stackideas Team.
byhakana, May 10, 2012
I did not understand why so many people complain about this extension. There is a great difference between Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 platforms, so it is obvious that this extension cannot upgrade everything automatically. But still, it saved me a lot of time by moving all the menus, articles and modules. If you are facing some difficulties, it can be because of the complexity of your web site. Do not expect much, be ready to do some work by yourself and thank that we have such an upgrade tool. :-)
byhakana, August 18, 2011
OSE Membership™
One day, I had a dream about creating special content for members and selling them. I started to think how I could do this. When I was searching Joomla Extensions, I realized that this component had exactly what I needed. Hiding the menus and content for non subscribers, receiving the payment etc.

OK, half part of my dream was realized. But still there was a question of how to implement the payment solution of my local bank. They obtained great support for this issue as well.

I feel very powerful with the presence of this support team. They are working like they are a part of my team, discussing the issues and coming up with new questions to elaborate the issue.

They are very fast. All of my tickets were answered within hours. All my issues were solved, they have even added some more customization to the core with my recommendation.

Thank you very much for making my dreams come true. Keep up the good work and the great suppport :-)
byhakana, September 11, 2009
Mosets Tree
This is the first time I am writing a review for a component although I have used many commercial and free ones.

Modifying and using Mosests tree was fun, not a trouble at all.

Since they have been developing it for a very long time, there are nearly everyting in the component you might expect.

They are intensely testing the new version before they release it. There is an incredible support behind. No matter how many questions you ask, you see that they are answered within a day.

Thanks for this wonderful component and making my dream site come true.