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byhannylicious, February 19, 2012
This product is nothing short of amazing. I've used this on sites since back in 1.5.14! This component has everything someone could want - simple functionality for creating nice, easy, quick forms that grab whatever information you may want from your viewers. But it is capable of so much more - using this component I've enabled an amazingly detailed article submission form that styles the user-submitted article to look perfectly integrated with the site template (without the user having to ever touch/write/know any HTML).

This product can fill all roles from something simple for quick forms to advanced forms with tons of things going on in the backend (custom JS, emails, etc)

All the goodies someone could want are right there - it's put right into the hands of the developer to make a form as crazy and cool, or as simple and easy as they choose.

There is a slight learning curve, but with anything as feature rich as this - that is to be expected. The support forums are amazingly helpful as well. They helped me out numerous times when I was in a jam and I've seen them offer to log onto other peoples site and fix the issue by helping them with completely custom bits of assistance. Amazing!

I'm a firm believer in this product - I don't bother trying others because this one is just that amazing.
byhannylicious, October 1, 2010
Was in need of this after being told last minute that a site I was designing would need to include the previous users.
A quick search led me here, and within 10 minutes I had everything setup and all current users updated to the new site.
Such an essential component that absolutely works flawlessly. Very good documentation within the component itself made it easy to just look, see what was required, provide the data and be done with it.

Hats off to the programmer!
byhannylicious, August 26, 2010
FJ Related Articles Blog and List Component
Works wonders, and works amazingly well - so simple to get thing working perfectly!!

I utilized this on a site that had me pulling my hair out trying to make organizational changes to articles. It alleviated all my issues, and made my organizational procedures amazingly simple.

I'm now redesigning another site and of course, there are over 3,000 articles all over the place. This tool was the first thing I installed!

It's nothing short of ABSOLUTELY amazing. This utility is on my 'must have' list for every site I design here on out.

Thanks to the developers!!
byhannylicious, January 3, 2010
I was looking for a plugin that would give me a pretty simple functionality (or so I thought!). I simply wanted things on the front page to be thumbs, meanwhile the printed image/article image remained full sized.

This did that with ease! (I had tried a few others with less fortunate results) After initial install, I set the parameters and enabled it. It worked flawlessly and did exactly what I wanted to.

I'm glad I've found this plugin because although I'm only use a small portion of what this can do - I know that it can do anything I might need in the future.

This will be a 'must have' on any of my future sites.