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byhaporuk, October 30, 2011
I use it now on several websites - with few problems - everything works fine. Configuration was easy. But nevertheless sometimes I doubt if it is really necessary, as the build in component will be enough for a lot of users...
Owner's reply


Thanks for your positive review. Regaring your comparison with Joomla built in SEF, I have already answered that in details in a previous review response, so I don't think moderators would like me to put that same response again.

However, the short version is:
- SEF urls are only a small part of sh404SEF, think Analytics, shurls, security
- there has been no major improvement in Joomle on SEO since 1.0, aside from switching to table less output as standard output. Duplicate content is still the same, and URL length has increased, not decreased.
Though the native system is perfect, fast and efficient, if you want to go further in the competition for traffic, you have options to improve things, and sh404SEF is one of them.


BookLibrary Basic
Very good and useful component. It seems to be designed more for shop users, than for library users. For real libraries users an enhanced import/export for different bibliographic standars, more and custamizable fields, document types etc. are missing - but still this is the best Joomla component for Book Libraries/Shops available!

What I found expecially to notice, is the great support provided by the OrdaSoft Team, also for the non commercial version. Thank you.
byhaporuk, April 13, 2011
For me as a non professional Joomla user it was especially important, to install and get to work with it easily and fast. After trying other FAQ Modules, I choosed this one and got to work with it in a few minutes without any problems - very nice and smart. thank you.