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byhappy_martin, May 15, 2012
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I'm not experienced with Joomla and got into some issues with the installation.

Vipin added me to Skype within minutes of me emailing support and was extremely patient in making sure everything worked correctly.

I've never experienced such lightning fast and professional support before.

Thanks so much.
byhappy_martin, August 15, 2011
Vm2Mage for Virtuemart
Yireo have a strange pricing system where you can either pay $29 for the cheapest package or $207

You get the same software but for $29 you get ZERO support.

I didn't realize until too late that that means even forum posts requesting assistance will get ignored!

Who in their right mind would pay an additional $180 purely on the chance that you might need support for this? I certainly didn't and expected the installation to work smoothly.

What type of company refuses even forum support to a paid customer who has no other choice in getting support except to 'upgrade' for an additional $180?

The installation and setup instructions are reasonably clear but omit key steps that, when missed will result in problems. I had a number of issues with the migration including:

- Images were set as inactive unless I manually visited every individual product in the catalog to activate them!

- Products when clicked on generated an error message.

After a week I ended up manually migrating the CSV files using Joomla and Magentos Import / Export feature and therefore wasted $29.

This was a terrible buying experience. Sure their page does say that they offer no support for their $29 package but it's well-hidden in their comparison table and it's something I overlooked and expect most other people would overlook too when ordering.

The problem with this type of technical extension is that it requires troubleshooting with both Magento AND Joomla so there's double the chance of a problem.

If you really do need assistance migrating products from VM then don't gamble on their $29 script working without problems. Also don't waste $210 on their supported package when for $99 you can buy far better supported and more feature-rich scripts elsewhere.
Owner's reply

This is an understandable review. As you comment, you get ZERO support with the lowest priced version. There are 3 versions and they differ not in source-code or functioality, but only in support. We thought this information was clearly mentioned, as the package features are listed in the same table as the pricing, but clearly this still needs work. The reason why we have choosen for such a pricing scheme, is simple: The basic version used to be free, and we still got offensive replies by Joomla! users who could not get this to work, and were blaming us for creating wrong software - while in most cases, not Joomla! or Vm2Mage, but Magento was causing issues. Still, 20 Euro (or 29 dollar) is a price too low to support Magento. So this review might give us some insight as to whether to remove the basic version altogether, and only offer Vm2Mage for a price that matches the average of price of Magento extensions (around 300 dollar, which is cheap considering Magento requires a solid investment).

Looking at the specific problems that this user was facing, these problems were not occurring for any other users, neither in our tests, nor in real-life. So there must have been something specific in this Magento installation, causing issues. Unfortunately, neither we nor the Magento developer charged with this migration was able to solve these issues in considerable time.

A general advise still stands: If you can migrate all your VirtueMart data to Magento using simple CSV-files, why spend money on this extension?

byhappy_martin, July 7, 2010
Advanced Module Manager
My #1 frustration with joomla 1.5 has always been the inability to exclude modules from specific pages. AMM solves this perfectly.

This really is a dream component and I'll never build another joomla site again without installing this first.