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Zh GoogleMap
The extension is overall great, easy to set up and use. But the "find option" does not work for me. I am building a website on which I will make a map and place markers on it, and I want users to easily find those markers using the FIND option.
I made few test markers and tried the FIND option. I enter the name of the marker but it takes me on the different continent. I tried on different markers, but it does not work. Can You please help me resolve this issue, because the component is really great!

Thank You very much.
Owner's reply

As you can read in documentation and fields labels, 'Find' option is find any place by geocoding. It is not find through (in) your placemarks. Today there is no option find placemark, you can only find address and center map into it.
But you can use placemarks list to show users your placemarks and position on it.

Additionaly, you can enable places library and autocomplete field, and when you type into Find field, the field will show addresses, which 'like' you enter. In this case you select more clear address for geocoding.

And I get only first result in geocoding.

I think I'll do in one time 2 features: search in placemarks, and list of results when you use Find option

Thanks, Dmitry

PS in any case ask me in my forum ;) about capabilities, check Tutorials in documentation