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byhavocwreaker, October 3, 2012
Nice Social Bookmark
Looks amazing and works great. Setup is a breeze and I cannot be happier with how it looks on my site. Other developers charge way too much and this one beats them all being free.

I replaced my RocketTheme social icons with this module because it looks a lot better and it included other social sites that were missing from RT. Overall, I am really happy with the fit and finish of this module. If you want to see it in action, search for MyThrottle and look at the header.
byhavocwreaker, April 15, 2011
I have been using this extensions since November 2010 and I have not regretted any bit of it. It is an amazing tool for my social networking site. I really like the newest version which has automated reminders. I can now take a long vacation and let regreminder do my work. Not that I will ;)

More important is the developer support. Dwayne is very responsive to questions and feedback. *Not that this extension needs much because it is built well out of the box.
byhavocwreaker, January 27, 2011
* A full evaluation of the extension
For an out-of-the-box component, Jomsocial is great. I think reviewers might be a little harsh because they are expecting a more simple solution. While I do agree that bringing my Jomsocial from 1.8 to 2.0 was a pain, the files itself upgraded flawlessly. Theming is something that could still use some work but like I mentioned before, this component can get a full community site going in minutes. How do I know this? I paid a lot of money a while back for a completely custom coded solution that does not even scratch the surface of what Jomsocial brings to the table. My site (, sorry about the plug) works great and is way better than the original custom concept thanks to Jomsocial.

* Courtesy and Honesty
I have not had an experience in this area since I have not had to interact with support. My questions have been answered by reading old posts in the forums.

* Pros & Cons of the extension and its performance
Pros - Up and going in minutes, by far the best application that gives you a little of everything.

Cons - Theming is a nuisance. I had to migrate my theme using Winmerge to capture all of the new CSS code and save it on my template. In the end I got frustrated and used a hybrid theme between my own and Blackout. This will be remedied within the week as I am working on a custom 2.0 theme with Vrosa.

* Level of support received
None to date - no need for it...yet

* Ease of usage and deployment
Simple enough for an entry level developer to do it.

* Purpose of using the extension (i.e., "I used this extension for a magazine site.")
I use this extension for a motorcycle community.

* Level of difficulty
moderate if you are integrating additional extensions with Jomsocial. If you use it as a standalone it is very easy. Currently I use some big components but I have Alphauserpoints and Friend Suggestions woven in. Once The JEvents component is able to get events posted in its visual calendar, I will go review it and give it 5 stars.

* Your experience level with Joomla and web technologies
A few months but I feel like I've been doing this for years. It is really easy to configure and make changes.The forums have helped me a lot for Joomla and Jomsocial.