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byhawkmultimedia, December 21, 2012
I bought this for a SobiPro site for which there is a PayPlans plugin or app. Upon purchase, the app was limited to restricting entries in one section only. I had 10. Within a couple of weeks, they had incorporated the request to extend the restrictions to multiple sections. Help has always been prompt and courteous. It is a very modular-based approach which makes it flexible for develop the right solutions. It does take a little bit of time and tinkering to get to know. The list of apps is a little daunting, and documentation for them can be hit or miss, but I'm sure I'll be using this in other sites as well.
byhawkmultimedia, September 12, 2012
SP Extended Search
As you can see from the other reviews, they listen to their customers and deliver results FAST! Got this as part of the SobiPro bundle and it works a treat. Can't recommend them enough!
Owner's reply

And, we can't thank you enough for your support!

Warm Regards

byhawkmultimedia, September 12, 2012
Tree of Categories for Sobipro
I was pretty pee'd that SobiPro didn't come with a tree module like SOBI2 did, but luckily I ran across this from Prieco. Installed easily. Had a little styling issue which they promptly addressed and they massively extended the functionality by adding support for more levels. They rock! I wish would hire them to build out the rest of the missing functionality in their component.
Owner's reply

Hi Hawk,

We are glad to help!

Please, note we've just published a new version with more order options.

Warm Regards,

byhawkmultimedia, September 12, 2012
Joms Profile for SobiPro
Had problems getting it to appear in my SobiPro listings, but support on their forum was prompt and courteous, releasing two new versions in two days which fixed it.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much!

byhawkmultimedia, February 26, 2010
KC Cufón Font Replacement
I've used sIFR and flash-based font replacement before with many headaches. This is so much nicer! They all require some leg work to set up correctly, but this one was the easiest. With proper use, it can really set a site apart from the rest.
byhawkmultimedia, February 14, 2010
AJAX Shoutbox
I've been using this sparingly for over a year now to accompany live video. With larger audiences, though, it was killing mysql with too many queries. However, the new release (2/10/10) has solved that. I've successfully had 250 concurrent users on with no problem at all. Nice! Now I don't have to look at finding an irc or xmpp replacement.
byhawkmultimedia, August 20, 2009
OSE Membership™
Yes, finally a component that does web site memberships easily. I've used MamboCharge (yes, I've been around a while), nBill and AEC in the past for membership sites, but never again. OSE has gotten it right and back it with support that goes above and beyond. I had one minor problem with a beta version and Helix came through with prompt, professional, courteous support like I've never seen from any other development group. Best of all, by using VirtueMart, I can offer subscriptions seamlessly with physical products. I LOVE this component!