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byhberg, October 27, 2012
YRNO2 Long Term Weather Forecast
YRNO2 permits to enter your coordinates for whatever place on the world and provides you with very useful and quite precise data (with the limitations of all forecasts). Excellent support from the developer!
byhberg, October 27, 2012
sifi converter
I love this very useful extension and I like to encourage the developer to continue. However I reserve one star for cleaning the code: I got more than 70 validation errors (XHTML 1.0 Transitional according to W3C).
byhberg, November 24, 2011
JASMIM - just another social media integration
This is the only social plugin I found without introducing html and css errors and that's why I like it. I am not a fan of those blown up codes those 'social' introduce into clean coding and I hope the rating machines (google, bing, etc.) will review their policies.
So, if you need social buttons, Jasmim is a viable option to get rid of the worst. I also had some reports of +1 not showing up on IE, but I don't care too much, I prefer a clean coding.
Taking into account that this is a first release with lots of room to improve and trying to encourage the developer, I defend my rating.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your encouragement,

I updated the module and with the new version 2.0 the google plusonebuttons should show up in IE8.
They still won't show up in IE7 and earlier, but this is as far as i tested it an issue of the g+ buttons itself and not of the module.

byhberg, November 13, 2011
Random Image Extended
Vitja did it again: a nice and very useful extension, easy to configure and light weight. I did not see any penalties neither in PageSpeed nor Yslow (lightbox disabled).
My only wish for the next version: the possibility to have the first (most important) image not at random.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feature request and the rating!

byhberg, May 10, 2011
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Long Term Weather Forecast
To prepare a paragliding championship in the Peruvian Andes (Ayacucho), we need weather information on our site. Google's weather is too simple for us, Yahoo/Weather Channel doesn't (or at least didn't) provide data for this area, some others distract with crowded unrelated issues and we don't have zip codes here, requested by many to determine locations.
YR.NO WEATHER provides in a clean way, apart from the longterm forecast, very useful meteograms few others do, even for remote areas.
My formatting issues were solved by the developer within 10 minutes across the Atlantic from north to south: amazing support.
Excellent for a rather young module!
byhberg, November 27, 2010
Mambweather gives you real weather, based on the latest measured(!) data, not some vague forecasts. I use it on my (very first) page of a recently founded renewable energy company in Peru. Providing the (usually renewable energy friendly) weather data of 19 stations in the country (airports) has the additional advantage that those places appear as keywords in the search engines. Last and least, as an active glider pilot (here paragliding), it allows to have the latest weather data just a click away. Just beautiful.
byhberg, October 26, 2010
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
It is nice to get away from those boring skewed letters and bring something 'intellectually' pleasing! As a newbie I just can say that it works flawless. I made a mistake and the author was quick and helpful to solve my stupidity in a very friendly way.
Owner's reply

You are welcome hberg. Thank you for your kind review!