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heather noble

byheather noble, June 6, 2012
I am a Joomla/Web Development newbie and I absolutely loved this extension. I needed to migrate content only from a 1.5 to 2.5 site, and this was as EASY AS IT GETS. I found rival Akeeba to be less than intuitive when it comes to restoring. So this gets my thumbs up for just a couple clicks. THANK YOU Helios.
byheather noble, December 17, 2011
Spider Menu
I am a newbie with no previous web development or Joomla experience....I do NOT know coding, and I was able to install this spider web, which looks pretty slick, with no effort into my 1.7 Gantry Framework. I also modified the colors of the doesn't get much more intuitive than this, folks. And I did have a question which was answered promptly and courteously by the PULSE folks I don't really get the complaints here, this is one of the FEW Extensions providers I actually trust, have had several products now that are not only easy for me (and again, I know NOTHING) to install, I always get a prompt reply by gmail for any questions I have. I have my eye on several other extensions as well.
byheather noble, December 17, 2011
Yummy Accordionslider
I am a total newbie to web and joomla I was really surprised at how easy this particular accordion menu was to set up. It's not the most configurable extension in the world, it's a basic accordion menu that feeds off your existing template color schemes, however, as such it is UEBER simple and self explanatory. I also received excellent, courteous service from Pulse Extensions, they emailed me and answered my questions, even following up without solicitation. As a result I have purchased several more extensions from them; pleasure doing business, and you can't beat the price especially compared to some people that want you to pay a monthly subscription fee (what a rip). Again, great product ESPECIALLY for newbies with little or no CSS knowledge.