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byhecares, October 29, 2014
RegReminder is such a great app if you have a site that requires registrations. Many settings to turn on only the parts you want. It instinctively knows whether a user is just not activated or if they have been blocked intentionally for bad behavior. Thanks for building that in Dwayne! Dwayne gives top-notch service and responses.

Watch the settings you choose for how many emails go out a day. Not a fault of the app, but our culture; it's easy to get on a spam list even if you are responding to people that registered on your site. It's fairly easy to get off of them nowadays if that happens by checking with MXToolbox.
byhecares, March 19, 2014
Quick Cache Cleaning
Clean the cache without changing screens. Simple and clean.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

byhecares, March 19, 2014
Much better than built in breadcrumbs and adds Rich Snippets for Google rankings!
byhecares, March 19, 2014
PlayThru Captcha
Our site was being attacked by extra intelligent bots that had gotten by Google's ReCaptcha. This game styled captcha is fun, yet stops the bots because you have to think to solve the fun games. Thanks for a site saving extension.
byhecares, March 4, 2014
I am not a Joomla novice but with version 3.2 I had no idea where to access codes anymore. EasyScript was a great answer and set up within seconds when I updates my site and template.
byhecares, February 11, 2014
Editor Switcher
Editor Switcher is a hidden gem that I did not know existed before. I watched the video for easy set-up and it works great on our Joomla 3.2 site. I will be adding Editor Switcher to all of our sites.
byhecares, January 12, 2014
Once I got this working it is a great tool for automating some of the processes for our site. As a novice in this area I could not figure out how to set up a cron task on our CPanel, so I set tasks within Zoombie for WebCron and they run right on schedule.

It took a while to set up Zoombie and its control panel due to poor documentation. If they can make the documentation or support using their own site better, I would rate this an excellent tool.
byhecares, October 31, 2013
Disqus Comments
This was just what I needed to use Disqus with my site. Was very happy to see it was available for Joomla 3.X
I really wish it worked with K2 also, but fortunately someone else made one so I got it too for K2/Disqus commenting.
byhecares, October 31, 2013
Great extension to add Disqus commenting to K2. Thanks it works great and easily!
byhecares, October 30, 2013
AVChat Video Chat Integration Kit
We have a Joomla site that is built around people being able to receive support from abuse, etc. We needed a SOLID chat system with many rooms and extensive capabilities.. not the least of which is safety. AV Chat is provides everything we needed at a price that is completely worth it! The extent of options is fantastic and they are always up for new challenges it seems.

The level of service from AV Chat is well beyond what we could have expected, even though we were 7 time zones apart. They installed the full system on our VPS server, set it up, and were always there with help for any customization's that we couldn't figure out how to do. Their documentation is very thorough and easy to understand and follow. And their patience with me as a step or two above a novice was humbling.

Don't waste your time and hard earned money on the rest! We had others like Envolve and ChatBlazer, but they could not do what we needed. ChatBlazer loved to promise what they could not and apparently had no intention of delivering. Gotta love Salesmen.

AV Chat gets ten thumbs up! Thanks for a great product, and amazing support.
byhecares, April 19, 2013
MH ShareThis
Love this module. It adds our current followers count on the various social network sites we are on. Easy set up, works perfectly. Worth it!
byhecares, April 18, 2013
One click registration
This component solved a problem we were having on our site, which we have since fixed. What I was not happy about is that we could not turn on an option so people would have to click a confirmation link in an email once they register. It could send a confirmation email to them and us, but they could still login even if they had provided a fake email. I loved the look, feel and ease of setup of the component otherwise. I hope you add the confirmation in so I can use this component again.
byhecares, September 8, 2012
This is a great tool for lead capturing into Salesforce. We had some issues upon installation but the support team was extremely helpful. If you use Salesforce and have a Joomla site, this is your extension
byhecares, September 16, 2011
I love when something does as it is supposed to do!
byhecares, September 15, 2011
Akeeba Backup
This extension has given us a feeling of control over our website back-ups. Who knows if the host really does them or if they will work when there is a problem. Thanks Akeeba!
byhecares, July 24, 2010
Downloaded in default mode, followed the simple instructions and now my administrator log-in page can't be seen... so hopefully the annoying hacker/spam bots can't find and screw-up our site. YES! Did exactly what I wanted....

I have to type in a special invisible url *** to get to my back-end administrator log-in page


Blair Corbett