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byhelloneo, June 15, 2010
Include Component
Great component is not great without support, there was prompt support from the tech team, the team released a new version quickly to cater to my need.
byhelloneo, August 19, 2009
FJ Related Articles Blog and List Component
This is a nice extension, but the match on Author can be better.

Unless I have missed something in this extension here is my understanding.

Generally all the articles have Meta Keywords associated while to Match on Author one has to remove all the meta keywords which is not good.
Instead there should be option in the parameters "Do Not Match on Keywords" or "Match on" and the options should be All, Any, None.
The extension should then match only on the author, this way one can preserve the keywords which are required for the search engine optimization.
Owner's reply

Hi and thanks for the review. It is very easy to create a menu item that only matches on author. Just create an Intro Article for the menu item that doesn't have any keywords but does have the desired author. You don't have to "remove all the meta keywords" from any other articles, just the Intro Article (which doesn't need to be a "real" article on your site). If you have support questions, please feel free to use the Help forum. Hope this helps. Mark