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byhelsen, June 2, 2014
iJoomla SEO
The extension is very buggy when you try edit metatags, sometimes UI don't show your metatags (but you can find your metatags in database). You wukk never update software (only if you pay and pay again the full price for update) and keyword linking works only with joomla articles.
Owner's reply

This is NOT a known bug, it's being used by thousands of users who don't have this bug. If you open a support ticket we can help you figure it out, could be some incompatibility issue, but we will have to have a look.

byhelsen, May 14, 2014
Articles Anywhere
Easy to use, works nice.

This tool is good for Administrators when need customizations without editing core files.

Thank you
My review is based on 2.4.2, because i can't update, i don't received any info about updates from vendor.

Pros: nice visual, very easy to use.

Cons: bad sef, joomla webmaster tools report many many errors from this component (because crawler have problems in get jbusiness directory info), strange fields validators exclude special characters in the company names, company description field don't allow editor plugins ( JCE Plugins, Tiny-mce...), category structure is not flexible.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.

The review that you posted is related to a really old version of our extension. We have released 8 other versions since the 2.4.2 version.
All our clients have received the extension version by e-mail, and as of version 3.4.2 we also support automatic updates. It is now possible to update directly from your administration area.

We provide full support for each and every customer. We expected you to contact our support team in order to check and fix the issues that you have.
You can still contact us using our contact form to clarify these issues.

About the issues that you posted.
The extension could not restrict the access to any crawlers - We even provide a list with all business listings to be easily indexed.
The SEO mechanism works at all times and we do provide a flexible category structure.
We use jQuery.validationEngine as form validator, which is generally used as a validator.

byhelsen, March 11, 2014
obRSS with k2 plugin works very fine for my needs, rss feed works fine to publish k2 items. The feed in JSON format works fine too, and my phonegap applications can consume my k2 items very nice. When I found a bug, Thong fixed in the same day, its awesome!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review.

It is so glad to have more happy customer. Using JSON feed is a brilliant way to community with your phonegap / cordova app.

byhelsen, October 1, 2013
Switch Editor
This tool is simple and very usefull, save time when you need switch to NONE-editor for html and css codding.
Is permanent in my joomla toolbox. thanks
byhelsen, May 24, 2013
Redirect on Login
The plugin is easy to use, fields is well commented. Now I can redirect my users by AccessLevel, it's awesome! Thank you
byhelsen, December 19, 2012
Beautiful CK
Very good and easy extension! Improve my web site in simple way.

Its hard align Text Vs Banner Positions.
byhelsen, March 19, 2011
Joomlearn LMS Silver Edition
This application is easy to understand and easy to use and have very nice docs.
Thank you joomlashowroom
byhelsen, August 22, 2009
Akeeba Backup
This component save my time. Work´s fine in first install and backup process it is easy.

byhelsen, August 4, 2006
JCK Editor
The FCKeditor mambot is the best!!!!!