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byhennysmafter, September 29, 2014
OpenGlobal Cookie Law Tool for Joomla
The program works excellent and does exactly what it says.

I would love to see a bit more functionality in regards to language. At this moment it does not work together with the Joomla language files.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. We have now updated the plugin so that the frontend strings now use the Joomla language functionality.

byhennysmafter, March 24, 2014
HostingRaja Storelocater
Tested it on Joomla 2.5 and it works like a charm. It's easy to create the stores and for customers it is also easy to find your stores. An absolute gem for all 2.5 users out there.

I hope that it will become available for Joomla 3 very soon.
byhennysmafter, September 25, 2012
This extension is great it works straight from the box and it is easy to configure. With the abilities to write all emails just from the backend is excellent.

Big shortfall is that there is no import/export for ads and categories. for me with over a 1000 categories it is going to be a pain in the *** to get it all working.

Big thumb up for the creator!!!
Walk away if you need to use it on a life site.

Installation is the best way of installing. But after that the only thing you are doing is fixing problem after problem.

And yes sometimes it is a conflict because of the template people are using but in VM2 you have the option to run with the VM2 template and even then there are too many errors to deal with.

So for everyone who want to test it out please do and let everyone know how you fixed stuff so that people can learn. For everyone who want to use it on a live site and want to sell real items than use the older version or a completely different solution.

For the makers of Virtuemart 2, I am proud to life on the same world as all of you because it is seriously good work what all of you are doing. I hope you keep it up and I am looking forward over a couple of months when hopefully all the problems are gone. And I seriously hope that VM2 will finally run without 1 error.

PS: the forum of virtuemart is terrible. I try to find one question about payment and you will find 12 pages all the same paypal question what is that about.
byhennysmafter, November 29, 2011
Shape 5 Domain Checker
I am using this for a client of mine who wanted to give their visitors the change to check domainnames. And from all the extensions out there is this simply the best. Shape5 Thanks for this great extension. When you need a domain checker then don't look further, just download and see for yourself how easy this extension is.

***** installation
***** user friendly
***** interface
*** design