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byhenrik1782, November 7, 2012
Improved AJAX Login & Register
I have bought some extensions now and sometimes you just get disappointed.
This is not allway the developers fault. Site administrator like myself may tend to use a lot of extensions and this can cause conflicts between the different extension.
This was also an issue with this extension. Some conflicts with Community Builder and Zoo on my site.
I am glad to say that Offlajn have done a great support job and got everything fixed. Fast and competent support and they even changed some settings to fulfill requirement... fantastic.
I can higly recommend this extension which offer a lots of settings, to make it fit on your site, and at low costs.
Job well done! Thanks Offlajn.
byhenrik1782, February 25, 2012
I was looking for an extension to index PDF files and when I find this extention I was pleased and bought it. Unfortunatly...

Installation was troublesome but fixed by support. Functionality in terms of settings is not very intuitive and the search results is presented in a very poor manner.

Libraries for this component are not developed by oss but is old public domain libraries, which should be updatet for a long time ago.

I just dont like this solution.
I was looking for a small extension that could display a qoute, historic or other events in a module. I was searching for one that could show an historic event or qoutes for the current day, but all I found could only show information randomly.

Time Returns was really what I was looking for and I is just a nice extension to my website. Both the backend and the frontend have a really nice touch and is really great to work with.

The search function for images and videos is really cool. Just start typing and it will try to find a matching image. Simple and cool function.

I started up with first release for J1.7 and it had some errors, but the latest release from 30. jan 2012 is running just fine.

I had some problems with my template, but have been such a help in testing and solving the problem. I just love good customer service.

In my own opinion the extension is priced a little to high, but on the other hand I am willing to pay if the product and support is excellent.

I can strongly recommend this solution. There are still room for improvements, but it seems that takeaweb is working hardly on all submitted ideas to improve the product.
Owner's reply

Thanks Henrik, i really appreciate your beautiful review. We working hard on Timereturns to add new features and create a beautiful user experience.