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byherb_tea, September 22, 2011
Editor Switcher
Works like a charm. I use JCE and Rokpad and with a click on the dropdown I can switch from one to the other easy as pie :)
byherb_tea, September 21, 2011
I'm in the process of migrating a client's site from a 1.5 to 1.7 install.
There are 100's of articles and users and the extension made the migration easy peazy.
I installed the 1.5 extension on the old site and the 1.7 extension on the new, set the options, selected all the articles, clicked the button and downloaded the file. Uploaded it to the new site and voila, everything is there, that easy.
Did the same for the users and I'm good to go.
Thanks so much for an excellent extension, one that is definitely worth paying for with the amount of time this saved.
byherb_tea, January 7, 2011
Advanced Module Manager
This is another excellent extension from Nonumber.
I would be hard pressed to create a site using Joomla and not to use this extension. I've come to depend on its functionality which is extensive. It makes the process of customizing pages and layout so much easier.
Every extension from this developer just works and works well. He has obviously thought out what was needed in Joomla to facilitate the development process and then coded an awesome set of tools (extensions) to make that process more efficient and enable functionality for non-coders that otherwise wouldn't be available.
Many many thanks and when I get some cash ahead on my next project I will be purchasing Commercial versions of your extensions.
byherb_tea, May 29, 2010
SWFobject module
After trying 3 other flash module extensions and not being able to get any of them to work I installed your extension and it worked right out of the box. A little CSS to position it in the header where I wanted the swf to play and I'm done :)
The test.swf you included was very good thinking too, as it allowed me to know as soon as I installed the extension that the module worked.
Great job!
byherb_tea, May 26, 2010
This extension is awesome, it does everything I need for a contact form, is very well thought out and designed and works out of the box.
Very well done!