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byhercules99, April 15, 2013
DT Register
This is a phenomenonally good extension for events in Joomla, actually the
best; very sexy! and very adaptable. Hats off to the original owner/developer Nathan and to the new ownership crew.

We purchased this extension after much research; The local community centre
association was looking for a way to offer online registration as a supplement to its in-house registration. We came very close to taking a
wrong first step, and almost picked a competing commercial plugin called Event_Registration_Pro. I did more homework, emaled both developers of both products,and we concluded DT_Register was better and more powerful, hands
down, and we haven't been dissapointed with the purchase, at a very reasonable cost I must say.

One of the reasons was because DT_Register has support for nested categories while ERP did not. And you can filter the event listing based on a nested category. Another was because of DT_Register's way of being able to use a
standard Joomla article, with all of the power behind a Joomla article, as
the details-description of an event. And for front-end editing of an event
DT_Register offers much more fine-grained control over permissions above and beyond. Also, DT_Register has the fabulous waiting list feature. The manual is clear and conise and the back-end very intuitive.

And Nathan was very good in getting back to us with answers as we attempt to
mould the plugin to our needs. He even offered to program the code to connect our payment gateway, (a Canadian payment gateway called Elavon) which is not supported out of the box, for a reasonable fee. However, the DT_Register plugin code is very clean, object oriented and extensible and doing it on our own was a snap! And there is DT_Register's very efficient ticketing system.

Just to clarify, we adpated an "event" in DT_Register to be the equivalent of a community centre program offering.

A few minor hiccups experienced along the way:

- Administrator backend - in the event management listings,
records list and CSV export utility there are some filters but no convient and user friendly way to drill down to events based on the event categories.

- it seems the admin email address for confirmation of event registration cannot be modified at a global level...obviously if you have 100s of events it can become laborious to change all of them unless you are adept with making changes with the db directly

I would say I think the speculation on the forums and on here is correct, it looks like there is a new owner in charge. As for ownership issues, I think we should give it some time and I'm sure Richard will turn out to be amazing for support just like Nathan was.

Major need: The -repeating events- feature seems inadequate for our needs, and limited. We really require the ability to be able to "re-cycle" an event. That is instead of archiving it we want to use the same event again but just clear/reset the registrations to 0 again, so we can re-use it again for the next seaon of programs which typically are the same from season to season but with different registrants. This is to eliminate the need for re-programming and re-entery of 100s of events every season, and reliance on an IT person. I think there may be a way that this can be done currently in DT_Register, as I believe Richard once alluded. if anyone knows please do not hesitate to inform me.