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DB Replacer
This is great because it lets you select the file and column / field you want to change. It also gives you a list of the records to be changed showing the original text to be deleted and the replacement text to be inserted in each record, BEFORE you commit the changes to the database. This means you can get a good idea whether or not it will result in the change you intended - very valuable because when doing a scan-and-replace people have a tendency to not think about how it might have unintended consequences. This is still in beta, with some quirks, but I've given it five stars because of it's usefulness, safety features, and very prompt response by the developer.
Owner's reply

Yeah, still in beta, so indeed some bugs to iron out.
Please let me know what you find...
Also usability issues... let me know.

I have been inundated with spambots sending useless messages to the 'contact' form and was looking for a new form solution to use instead that included Captcha. I was interested to see that this appeared to add captcha to the existing contact form without any hacks, so thought I'd at least give it a try first. Well, blow me - it worked perfectly first time! Am delighted. Will know if it has effectively stops the spam very soon.