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byherzenssache, December 11, 2012
Facebook Wall Feeds
Bought it, installed it, worked straight away. The components documentation is great. Easy setup, easy to use and stable! Highly to recommend if you like to display a facebook wall! A big thank you to the developer.
byherzenssache, October 9, 2012
Admin Tools Professional
We do run a flourishing Joomla 2.5 community. I was looking for an extension that was able to automatically optimise the session tables. This was the first contact with “Admin Tools”. After bombarding Nicholas with mails full of presales questions and receiving speedy and very useful replies I decided to purchase Admin Tools Pro. I was amazed by the great coding, the features the Tool offers and the awesome documentation. Actually it made me remove a competitor’s security solution and I changed over to Admin Tools completely. The site speed went up and thanks to Nicholas I was able to remove a problem that I did not even knew I had. One strange error that I was not able to track down to the competitor’s solution went away thanks to Nicholas!
Technically the extension is fantastic!
Support is great and Nicholas does more than one can expect!
We also used Akeeba Backup, which saved us many times. And just to say thank you we went professional there too.
Thanks to Nicholas and the other great developers the Joomla world is definitely a wonderful place!
byherzenssache, May 11, 2012
SW KBirthday for Kunena
We do run a J2.5 site with latest community builder and a kunena forum. So we were looking for a Kunena Birthday Posting generator that would be able to use a specific community builder user as author.

The module can do just that! Easy to install, works perfectly fine with useful options to configure.

Our community is very happy with the birthday reminders and encourages them to post their own greetings.

When I did have a question I contacted the developer on his website and got an instant reply - not only with a solution but my "ideas" where noted as "feature requests".

The developer is most definitely making the Joomla world a better place.

Thank you! A+ for "Birthday for Kunena".
byherzenssache, May 8, 2012
Post by Email
We run a Joomla 2.5 Community Builder 1.8 driven site and a kunena forum.
The idea was to have certain mails published in the forum using a certain user account.
Post by Email does exactly that. It is well worth the price.
Is there anything that could be improved? The component itself "just" works. A+
There is no documentation within the install package, while it does exist in their support forum. If you look for it, you will find it.
Our forum is a private forum, so the Cron Job needed a login to work. We contacted the support team who sorted the issue within HOURS! A+

So the only thing I would recommend the developers should think about:
Stop answering support mails on sunday and spend more time with your family :)

Thank you for your excellent job!
byherzenssache, April 26, 2012
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Community Builder
With so many reviews it is hard to say something new about community builder... We use this extension for years, it is flexible and there are numerous plugins one can use with community builder.
We have a thriving community using CB every day. Fact is: it simply works!
Find your way around it by using the excellent documentation.
There are many great additions to CB provided by the developers that we use too.
So, nothing really new in this review. See this review as a big Thank You for the amazing product, the excellent coding and the wonderful support.
Thank you for making the Joomla World a better place!
byherzenssache, December 20, 2011
2 Click Social Buttons
Most of us know of the "like" problem of social media buttons submitting info if you like it or not. German Company "Heise" started a great idea of having two steps instead of one to do an recommendation... So "secure" your site and create even more trust with "two clicks for more security".

Here comes this great little gem into play. It incorporates the Heise idea into joomla sites - easy to install works perfectly fine. A forum is there if you need support.

Personally I prefer the plugin over the module for the simplicity of the usage.

A+ way to go!
Owner's reply

Hello herzenssache,

thank you very much for you review!

byherzenssache, December 11, 2011
We purchased this component for our 1000+ Community Builder Joomla 1.5 site. It does exactly what it is supposed to, it sends out the reminders and "remembers" who it already sent reminders out to. Installation is very simple. Instructions are straight forward.
A small issue (not related to the component but to our site) was quickly fixed due to the speedy mail response of the developer.

So A++ for this component and the support,

Thank you, this is the way Joomla Extensions should be.
byherzenssache, February 21, 2011
I am using ReDj now for some time. It does everything it promises and more. More? Yes! You want to know something about the extension as you encountered a problem that you caused yourself? Contact the developer and you get a speedy friendly response. Wow. Thank you. The product itself works perfectly fine, has good reporting options (log file), sorting the log file, purging it (handy if you have 10000 entries) and more. The redirecting with macros works too and is easy to understand.

All in all: way to go - keep up the excellent work.
byherzenssache, November 27, 2010
DB Replacer
Amazing! Simply amazing!

My problem: company name changed. Hundreds of articles to sort through to replace coupld of words - hours of work.

Then you find this extension:
- easy to install
- crystal clear in what it does
- easy to use
- plus extra "be careful reminders" before replacing things

Simply excellent, I do not even have anything on my wishlist - just: keep up the great work!
byherzenssache, November 2, 2010
CDN for Joomla!
We were looking into a CDN solution for Joomla. The same day this plugin came along and works perfectly well! MaxCDN in combination with this plugin did speed up our site quite a bit. Installation is easy, simple configuration is needed: enter the CDN address,that's it. We have a complex site and only discovered one compatibility issue: JCH Optimize plugin does not work properly anymore, either the optimisation works or the CDN plugin. Please note, that we have only contacted JCH support so far. I find this issue to be a small issue, which I am sure will be sorted too.
Five ***** from me. Keep up the good work!
byherzenssache, September 15, 2010
There are days one has to say thank you! Today is such a day. We are a happy client of RS, having pretty much every product in use. RS Firewall works perfectly well and due to the notification service in the component we were notified about a hack attack in progress. We were able to blacklist the IP before the guy could do any harm. Note that the hacker was able to get into the backend, still the lockdown mode saved us. We run a bigger site, people using event registration and so on. RS Firewall is a MUST if you use your webpage commercialy. Thank you guys, keep up the good work!
byherzenssache, October 29, 2009
DT Register
We have looked for a event management system for some time and also looked at very expensive solutions. DT Register does everything it promises and MORE. More? Yes! Support ist awesome. We had some requests and the developer just implements them. No strings attached. Within the IT industry this is truly unusual and I want to sincerely thank the developers for their great work, their support and valuable pieve of software. Thank you, keep up the good work!