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byheyvern, April 19, 2010
Qlue Accordion
Good grief. Recently spent a lot of time searching for, installing and testing every possible free accordion type gizmo I could find. I don't know how I missed this gem. Maybe I missed it in the list of searches or possibly I avoided it because it's so new and didn't have many reviews.

I tend to be nervous using "brand new" extensions but this one is worth the "risk".

It works great! It's wonderful. So here I am trying to get the word out on this one so more people can find it.
AJAX Scroller
Although I would prefer having more control of the module in the joomla backend I sort of like the control I have using CSS. Often I need to tweak module css anyway so this is not that much different.

Some knowledge of css can help with this module. The more you know the more you can mold it to your template or web layout.

I would have given it an excellent rating if there were more controls or at least individual classes for the two navigation images.


I posted on the forum for this module, a technique for controlling the navigation arrow images entirely with css.

The navigation images are "hard coded" with this module. Size, position url etc. The css for those images controls both left and right the same.

To over ride this I used the "first-child" pseudo class. The two nav images are in one div. The "first-child" is the left arrow image. Any changes in that style use "!important" to over ride the other img style.

By replacing the main images with transparent png files you can use this technique to move the images around, change the size, create hover images etc etc.

Works great.
Owner's reply

The new version introduces a new CSS format which greatly simplifies individual modifications including navigation buttons changes.