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byhgyokan, August 7, 2012
I was very enthusiastic in starting using the extension, when I've read the positive reviews here. I must admit that for me the learning curve was not so easy to follow, and I often end up in situations where I didn't have a clue how to do things. Then, when I tried to use it for a client, I ended up cursing and swearing since it was a real pain implementing a form...
Owner's reply

This person claims that 99% of all reviewers are liars and he is writing the truth?
We know THIS IS A FAKE REVIEW just to down rate Proforms.

Just a small note to the “reviewer”: We have software which can detect and compare reviews by the style of language and the writing style.
After we will have localized the cheater (s)he will have nothing more to laugh ;)


1.)Almost all of our reviewers (99%) leave a name which shows us from whom the review is. Not this one.

2.)The username could be found neither in our customer database, nor in our ticket system. Not even parts did match on any customer of us.

3.) The username or any further interpretation of the username couldn’t be found in our email correspondences of the last 2 years. There were no topics matching to the “review”.

4.) We hadn’t even one user which was not satisfied in the last 2 months.

5.) The very first thing a real customer does is to open a ticket and ask us until the problem is solved. As already mentioned no matching names in the ticket system and no matching topics in the ticket system.

6.) There is a full documented PDF handbook of Proforms for free.
Even if this would be a real user and, let’s say be “handicapped”, he/she could read the manual and would be able to understand everything within a day.

7.) Please note that the review doesn’t point any special functional issues. This is because the “reviewer” doesn’t use and thereby doesn’t know the software.