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byhhproducer, June 14, 2013
AutoAnchor Menu
Very good extension.I needed an automatic menu that would display the blog articles on a page. It does show the names of all articles, and when pressed on the link, it scrolls down to the article on that same page.
Support - is excellent, I contacted Denis and he sent me an updated version with a modification in the plugin to adjust the scrolling parameters.
byhhproducer, June 14, 2013
Post by Email
I am coming to this extension after using MMS blog for joomla 1.5. Now, on my Joomla 2.5 site this was the only option with the same characteristics. It works after 2 hours of setting up - for some one with little experience. You have to set a cron job to make it run automatically (that was easy, instructions are on the support page).
On the cons side
1. There are no modules - something like 'latest images' or 'latest posts'
2. It only attaches images. Would be nice if it would attach youtube or sound cloud scripts for example.
Otherwise, I am happy wiht it, it works.
Owner's reply

hhproducer, you can attach in imported from email content not only images. You can use pdf, zip, rar or any other document - you have setting in component.