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byhillsgeo, November 2, 2011
News Show Pro GK4
Simply amazing product... and free?! With items like this, I typically like to load it up, set my data source and let it load into my layout just so I can see how it looks initially before messing around. I set this thing in there, hit publish and holy cow did it ever look good out of the box.

I tweaked stuff (it is so incredibly customizable - there were a couple times I said to myself 'hmph, wish I could do that' - and sure enough it was actually there), and more stuff and more stuff and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.


- easy to use
- tons of customization
- FREE!!!
- Layout and menus are very easy to understand


- My only gripe is that I can't integrate jReviews, but such a thing is not to be expected with so many extensions floating around.

Thank you dev team.
Owner's reply


Thank you for your nice review. jReviews is excellent component and it might be possible in future to provide support on News Show Pro GK4. That would be an excellent feature ;)