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byhkeyzer, April 5, 2013
Having been using VM since it's very early days. When the last 1.1. version was released we had a great product which was well supported and came with a great range of functionality. I looked forward to VM2 being released and seeing the improvements in the extension, now that is a year after it's release I feel it's time to provide my review of the current extension.

When VM2 came out and we were told how great it would because it would be Joomla MVC framework based - OK it integrates better with Joomla but shop owners don't care - they're only interested in functionality not backend development.

The only real support options available to VM2 users are the forums with the majority of posts going unanswered even those where post shows many users are having the same issue. Trying to understand how the Taxes are displayed in product pages and shopping cart remains unanswered and does not appear in the documentation - even thou there are multiple options how to configure this (within a product group or shopper group).

OK offical documentation is now a purchasable item - but it is pathetic and well below the quality of what was offered with VM1.1.
It tells you what the fields in the configuration are, but there is nothing in the way of explaining how to use them or how options interact.

Many features which were available in the default VM1.1 series are no longer available although some are provided as commerical 3rd party extensions.
Such as: Manual credit card handling.
Order editing.
Downloadable products.

Updates have been provided in the year since release but most of these updates address problems which should never have occured. The few "additional" functonality addons introduced only seemed to fix items that are missing and brings it closer to what VM1.1 provided.

I don't believe this product should be called Virtuemart as comparisons between 1.1 and 2 show it too different to the original and expectations are well below what you would want.

If you're installing this product without reference to VM 1.1 it is a simple and straight forward extension without anything below a very basic shop and don't need any support or documentation - go for it. But there are other options non-commerical and commerical which provide a better overall solution.

However if you're familar with VM1.1 or have customers who are familar with VM1.1 and need upgrading due to Joomla upgrade requirements - forget it there are better solutions which now provide better functionality, documentation and support.

Like many other Joomla extension developers I think it is time VM team seriously look at providing "subscription options" so users can benefit from more frequent updates with new required functionality and have the assurance of real support.

For me its time to look at other extensions to provide shopping cart functionality.
byhkeyzer, November 18, 2008
Installed and applied to the default contact form without any problems, the best part unlike some other capthca solutions the edited forms were already available. Avoiding the need to insert code yourself and easy to find where the chagnes had been made.