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byhkingman, February 13, 2012
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The recent integration between SimpleCaddy and PhocaGallery is a match made in heaven. If you are building a site for a professional photographer who wishes to let clients proof and pick prints online, there is now a great option: J2.5+SC+PG. Also, the Photofolio theme from Shape5 works well, too (just rip out the Tienda stuff and replace with PhocaGallery goodness)
byhkingman, March 10, 2011
Easybook Reloaded
I tried three guestbooks and two "testimonial" extensions before choosing EBR. EBR takes a more common-sense approach than the others. It pretty much assumes you will be moderating your comments, so the captcha is really simple. It assumes you'll have only a single guestbook, so the database structure is quite simple, and nothing breaks when you add fields and import large datasets. The code is very nicely formatted. The front-end editing links in emails (secured by hashes -- brilliant) is a huge time-saver. The ability to post a brief reply is there -- yippee! If I had to come up with one criticism, it would be that the WEBSITE_RATING widget is very antiquated -- but hopefully someone will patch in a normal starbar soon. But this is truly a minor quibble... Bravo!
Owner's reply

Hello hkingman,

thank you very much for your review!

I will think about the starbar for one of the next releases.

byhkingman, August 5, 2010
IP 1.5.3 did 90 percent of what we wanted -- amazing. The other 10 percent was simple to add due to:
1. Clean, easy-to-follow, easy-to-edit code
2. Practically instantaneous developer support
3. Excellent forums

Then, 1.5.4 came out. It does 95 percent of what we wanted. We could see our feedback implemented in the new release. Very gratifying!

I heartily recommend this product. We evaluated and even purchased several other real estate website platforms -- but they didn't come close. IP is best-of-breed by a mile right now, and I don't think that's likely to change anytime in the near future.